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Kiblin Found Guilty of Killing Boyfriend in Nunda

911 calls released as well... details: CLICK HERE.

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03/23/2011 6:46AM
Kiblin Found Guilty of Killing Boyfriend in Nunda
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03/23/2011 9:48AM
first off- the reason they didnt call in another amb company is because the rules are to dispatch that towns company 3 time before mutual aid is called. if it priority they page 1 to 2 mins apart, if its not it is 3 to 4 mins apart. we got crew within the 3 pages! second off- the orignal call said he fell on the scissors, WHY DID THEY LIE???? third off- this bull of nunda couldnt get a crew because they were drinking a picnic is hear say. a member from another department that didnt belong at the scene made the comment because he knew 1 person that didnt go to the call because they had just had 1 beer and was being responsible to our community members and not responding with alchol on his breath. it is a volunteer service to the community and if someone wants to have a drink on their private time it is no ones business! fourth off and last- once that livingston county medic is called to the scene it is because he is higher educated and calls the shots, so they need to turn to him and ask why he turned down mercy flight, not NUNDA.
03/23/2011 12:28PM
I totally agree with that last statement. My husband has a scanner and a pager and Nunda did get out on time and promptly. Plus the call did come in as he fell. Also the bull needs to stop saying it is the VOLUNTEER ambulance personal fault. It dont matter whose fault it is. A man is dead and it doesnt matter if they called mercy fault or not where she stabbed him he would have died any way. She is at fault no one else. End of the story.
03/23/2011 8:14PM
I only skimmed through bit and pieces of the previous comments: LET ME SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT! I am a Volunteer EMT and Firefighter... 2 things that people commonly oversee is that … (1) There are 2 different levels of EMS Basic and Advanced Life Support. Nunda is a BLS or Basic Life Support agency (according to their website) therefore with this type of a call there had to be an ALS Crew rolled as well from an outside agency, that increases the amount of time for an appropriate response. (2) In a volunteer organization it can be difficult to secure a crew at times. Let us not forget these are citizens who give up their free time selflessly to help save complete strangers. As far as the whole "drinking at a picnic thing" goes, most agencies have a strict policy of "One sip, no go!" which means at the first sip of an alcoholic drink you are to remain home. So I guess what I am trying to say is to all the people who sit there and dis medics for making a mistake, why don't you stand up and go do what they do for a day IT AINT EASY! When s*** hits the fan these people put their lives on the line, and selflessly give their time...Its not right to bash then for that Thank you for your time.
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