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Kendall Having a Kegger... w/ ROOTBEER

From a listener, to which we say: really? That's not that big of a deal!

Thought you might find this story interesting... Kendall Principal allowed the senior class to bring a keg of rootbeer to the high school.  These students drank from the keg in the back yard of the school, using red solo cups and doing keg stands.  I, as a parent, find this to be encouraging drinking and drinking behaviors.  There are many pictures of this "keg" party on Facebook.  I am truly concerned about Kendall's administration and their lack of good decision making.

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06/15/2012 10:04AM
Kendall Having a Kegger... w/ ROOTBEER
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06/15/2012 11:57AM
That lady need to lighten up!!!!!!
06/16/2012 9:11AM
It does promote drinking behaviors in it's own little way. I know one of those future tractor drivers/cow milkers and their family is riddled with alcoholics on both sides of their family. But I would expect nothing less out of that town. On theup side it does seem that the mullet population is decreasing with each generation...
06/17/2012 10:48AM
They are just trying to have fun!
I know I'm only 13, but they are just trying to have fun. I go to Kendall, and since it is small, I know some of the seniors. They just want to have fun. On Tuesday, it was our last day of school and they ran in the hallways spraying everything with silly string. Then they went outside and sprayed everyone walking out. At Kendall, most of us have known everyone in our grade since Kindergarden, and are all usually closer than in bigger schools. My point is that they are only trying to have fun for 1 last time before they all separate and go off to different colleges or into different parts of the workforce. My school has many lessons that highly discourage us to drink, smoke, do drugs and bully. Our school has very little bullying. So if you think it encourages them to drink, then look at other schools that have lots of bullying and people kill themselves over it. They are having fun, so let them be. Very few to no one goes home from Kendall dreading to go back to school because people pick on them.
06/17/2012 5:42PM
keg party
Actually, they took away our red solo cups and yelled at us for doing keg stands. So obviously, a keg party with root beer is not that bad at all. Its root beer people.
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