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Is This a UFO in Dansville? (PIC)

That little spec in the sky of this picture... is that a UFO? Some people called and us and think so...

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01/31/2011 6:39AM
Is This a UFO in Dansville? (PIC)
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01/31/2011 6:47AM
If you do a little google search for UFO sightings in January 2011, there was an amazing, widespread sighting over the Caspian Sea a few days ago. Maybe it's back??
01/31/2011 7:42AM
I live in WEayland ( the next town over) I was out and about at the same time and I saw nothing. Well besides a plain.
01/31/2011 8:04AM
Not a ufo
no it's not a UFO, i've seen this at my house in the Syracuse area this morning and at the Wegmans warehouse in gates, it's just a planet!
01/31/2011 8:45AM
No Way!
I live in Dansville, and didn't see anything!
01/31/2011 10:04AM
I can extract more detail.....
I have a company that does photo editing and photo restoration. If given the original digital image, I MAY be able to extract any detail surrounding the light shown.
01/31/2011 10:39AM
It's not a UFO, It probably just is a planet...or anything astronomical for that matter. Not a UFO. People are just so easy these days to label any strange light as a UFO. Basically, they refuse to use their brain and put two and two together, so they create crazy superstitions. I'm not saying it's impossible, just saying it's unlikely.
01/31/2011 11:43AM
more than less likely its something reflective. if there really was a bunch of "ufo" sightings... how come we have never made contact with any of them.
01/31/2011 1:15PM
It's a Planet
Either Mercury or Mars, I saw it the other day too driving to Bath, I know it's not a UFO because it was in the sky, in the same place all the way there. It's one of those 2 planets, has something to do with the way we are tilted (Earth) in the winter that makes the planets more visible during the winter solstice.
01/31/2011 5:11PM
That little dot in the sky? LOL! How about a "Star"!
01/31/2011 6:36PM
I wish!
Too bad it isn't a UFO... it would be nice if it picked up my fiancee's ex mother in law... she is already a freakin space cadet and is from dansville.
01/31/2011 6:52PM
What? UFO? Oh brother....
Look, Mars hangs there every day and has been bright lately. Don't belive me? Look about South East and high tomorrow and you will see your UFO. It'll be there tomorrow (clouds permiting), and the next day, and the next day, and the next day...... Unless you can come up with a better photo or even video, I'll call this one BUSTED.
01/31/2011 7:12PM
Heck No...
01/31/2011 7:58PM
We lit 6 "skylighters"Sat . Night in Naples, just the next hill or 2 over , they were flying south at a good pace. If these UFO were seen sat night or Sunday morning could have been us! Go to skylighters. Com, they have blamed for UFO sightings b4!
01/31/2011 8:28PM
Venus, The Morning Star
"Having passed through inferior conjunction on October 29th 2010 (when it passed between the Earth and the Sun) brilliant-white Venus is now visible in the South-eastern sky at dawn." -- nakedeyeplanets.com
01/31/2011 8:35PM
Pretty sure it's a plant
Using Google Sky Map (Android app) I am pretty sure it's a planet too, will be looking again tomorrow morning to pinpoint which one it is
01/31/2011 9:04PM
Maybe its no coincidence...
Check out the report in Jerusalem also from this morning January 31st... that report does not look like a plane or a planet... conspiracy? http://cosmiclog.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/01/31/5962284-jerusalem-videos-stir-ufo-buzz?gt1=43001 Fryguy
01/31/2011 9:20PM
What bar was the drunk who saw this coming home from? Beam me up Scotty, there's no intelligent life down here.
02/01/2011 8:56PM
Its a Big Northern Lightning Bug that forgot to fly south for the winter. LOL
02/03/2011 12:46PM
It's a light in the sky. After 60 years, lights in the sky don't excite me very much.
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