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I Am a Home Owner!!!!

We closed on Friday, got the keys, and went over! Here's some pictures of it. Just an FYI... I love you all, I really do, but I don't need people knocking on my front door, so there are no outside shots.

Front door...

This is the living room before we bought the house...

This is what we're working on... Kimberly HATES the color. My philosophy is I hate white walls, pastels, ad the boring crap you commonly see. My apologies if you have that but I know a bunch of you are going to rip my color choice so there's my respnose LOL.

Kitchen... not touching this...

My stainless steal oven...

Father and brother Producer (and me).

02/28/2011 7:07AM
I Am a Home Owner!!!!
Comment here...
02/28/2011 7:15AM
Ohh that Color!!!!
I hate to Judge you, but that color is AWFULLL!!!! It totally takes away from the Beauty of the Wood. You might want to tone it down a bit! :)
02/28/2011 7:20AM
There are plenty of non pastel colors to choose from, unfortunately I don't think the green brings out the beauty of that room.
02/28/2011 7:34AM
White walls ...
You stated you don't like white walls, but your not going to touch the kitchen even though that has WHITE cupboards !! By the way, your totally ruined that living room. It was better before you started
02/28/2011 7:48AM
What's missing...
The good news is that all you need to do to make that color look right in your living room is to bring in some grazing cows.........
02/28/2011 7:52AM
Forget the color...
and just LOVE that frickin house! You musta had a fab REALTOR (from guess who)
02/28/2011 7:56AM
who cares
as long as you are happy with the color, that's all that matters. No one else has to live there. Congratulations on homeownership =)
02/28/2011 8:06AM
The house looks fantastic Pat...green and all
02/28/2011 8:08AM
Wow I love the house. Even the color of the living room! It is dark but it looks good with the dark wood. I would just suggest a lot of lighting to compensate for the dark walls.
02/28/2011 8:14AM
Will look nice for Christmas time
02/28/2011 8:18AM
I think the color sucks & really takes that beautiful look of the wood away from the room. But, if that's what you like so be it. It's your house. I just think a lighter color would have really brought out the beauty of the wood.
02/28/2011 8:24AM
COlor choice is great
actually I really like your choice with the dark green, but I agree with the one person who suggested lighting, just to help show of the wood and to make it brighter, but beautiful house still!
02/28/2011 8:56AM
gorgeous house!
what a beautiful house! You and Jesse go for it! Do it your own way. and don't let kimberly's backhanded compliments get to you. (she's a douchebag!)
02/28/2011 9:00AM
Love the house, it wouldn'e be my color choice but you are living there, not me... My living room is pumpkin orange which I thought I would hate but I love the color.. Great Kitchen and I love the front door.. Good Luck..... Steve
02/28/2011 9:02AM
Love the house, love that the wood work has never been touched. Have to admit the green is not a color I would pick, but I just painted my living room a dark choc brown, everyone I know said not to do it, amazed at the compliments I am now getting...Ignore Kimberly, most of us have to everyday, or we wouldn't even be able to listen to the show.
02/28/2011 9:05AM
it looks like Crayola threw up on your walls
02/28/2011 9:17AM
Need help?!
Can I be your personal decorator?! As soon as I seen these pics, I had a million ideas! Beautiful home! Not digging the green though...
02/28/2011 9:24AM
Like it
Very good job Pat!
02/28/2011 9:28AM
Beautiful house
Beautiful - I love the front door and basically everything else. Is it a Sears house? The woodwork and craftsmanship has that look. Check out "Houses by Mail: Guidebook to Sears Houses" or research it online. If you have the original blueprints it will have a model no. you can reference. That is how I found out our house was a Sears house.
02/28/2011 9:54AM
Congrats and beautiful green
Congratulations!!! Beautiful looking house. Will the dining table fit? I like the color of the living room. I wonder what colors those green haters have. Best of Luck!!!
02/28/2011 9:57AM
lol, WOW!
That green looks like a large pool table on your walls!lol
02/28/2011 10:04AM
your new home
Pat, congrats to you and Jessie on your new home!! Its beautiful!! hope you both enjoy it for many years to come
02/28/2011 10:12AM
Gorgeous home, I love the green! Congratulations!!
02/28/2011 10:15AM
I love that color green, I painted my bedroom that color and the accents in the room only complemented the green! And made for a darker bedroom for sleeping....
02/28/2011 10:18AM
Ya know what would really help?
Some pictures of nickelback and creed above the fireplace.
02/28/2011 10:36AM
I like it!
Love, love, love the front door area. Re: fireplace area: I think "[Kimberly] is a douchebag" is a bit harsh! (and if you don't like her, don't listen to the show, she ROCKS) but seriously, if you like green then go for it, regardless of what she thinks. Just know it will indeed darken the room, but like a couple others have said, put in some extra lighting and it'll look great.
02/28/2011 11:08AM
You go Pat, Great Job!..don't worry bout' what others think, they dont pay the morgage anyways..I'm happy for ya, not to may people are capable of buying a home these days-and keepin' them..as time goes on you'll be makin' changes as you see it- til then sit back and appreciate what yur workin' for..BIG SMILE..CG
02/28/2011 1:12PM
new kitchen
Pat, you have to change that kitchen, call me im a designer and will help you out nick 259-1876
02/28/2011 1:56PM
Your house!
The house is beautiful! I wish u lots of happiness in it. I will say u must like pool, cause the green reminds me of a old pool room and with the wood it looks like a pool table. BUt as long as u both like it that is all that matters!
02/28/2011 2:29PM
nice :)
02/28/2011 3:06PM
love it!
Great house, Pat! The door is fantastic and I actually dig the green!
02/28/2011 3:20PM
wow pat can u say red neck with that john deere green lol
02/28/2011 5:11PM
like dark green, just not THAT shade of dark green. maybe a forest green would have been better?
02/28/2011 5:16PM
Nice house Pat now go get your dog :)
Call Pitty love rescue and adopt Mabel, The pitty that was thrown away like trash, or another one of the beautiful dogs they have. pittyloverescue.org http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=100000795808610
02/28/2011 6:28PM
Love the living room
I am in west irondequoit and your living room looks just like mine with the fireplace, windows and each side and shelves on each side. I love your new home. Congratulations!!
02/28/2011 7:24PM
Love the house and love the color!! Congrats!!!
02/28/2011 7:27PM
the color
I think that if you like the color it should stay. Its your house and you live in. Nothing else matters. Congrats
02/28/2011 7:37PM
Great house.
03/01/2011 11:10AM
congrats pat &jessie
Love the front door and foyer!!The green well alot of lights for sure,but hay how many of us like things then change our minds?good luck being a home owner !!!
03/01/2011 10:11PM
the color..... very celtic. the house..... beautiful!
03/02/2011 6:56AM
the house looks beautiful, Pat. That green.....uh, rots.
03/02/2011 9:55AM
Lighting and mirrors is the key to this color. Don't listen to the haters. It works well with the wood and if decorated properly will really make a nice living room.
03/02/2011 10:13AM
new house
oooof.... the green is pretty bad.... it is a lovely house... but I have to agree with kimberly, which I never do.... I also think the fireplace needs a facelift.. lovely though...
03/04/2011 8:41AM
terrible green- beautiful woodwork/floors
Pat: I understand not liking white, but you can add a lot of color without something like that gold- awful dark green. Do yourself a favor and hire an interior decorator (most are cheap for just color idea) to help select the colors. It will be the best money you will spend. I had all white walls because I couldn't decide on color, now my entire house has walls with color and what a huge nice difference.
03/04/2011 12:57PM
Living Room
Im just wondering...how does that green look with the blue rug?????? What color is your furniture?
03/24/2011 6:18PM
No outside shots......
Hehehe-Pat,didn't you know real estate transactions are public record? Anyone can find out your address. Glad to see you are now a homeowner. Eff everyone on their comments-the color is your choice-it's YOUR home-make it so YOU like it(and Jesse).Congrats!
05/06/2011 11:43AM
The last pic
In the last pic, is that Kimberly in the green shirt?
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