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Hunter Charged After Accidentally Shooting Man

Hunter's bullet hit a man who was shoveling his driveway over a thousand feet away. We heard it may have ricocheted off a rock and THEN hit him in the leg. So if that's the case should the hunter get charged?

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People : Charged After Accidentally

12/06/2010 6:51AM
Hunter Charged After Accidentally Shooting Man
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12/06/2010 9:43AM
That is crazy as a hunter you are responsible for your weapon. You need to not only look at what your shooting at but whats beyond what your shooting at.
12/06/2010 10:02AM
I heard the hunter shot across a highway at a running buck. Big time no-no. Any hunter should know that. It's taught in the hunters ed class. I'm a hunter and people like him make all hunters look irresponsible and dumb. Stupid stuff like this is what gives all hunters a bad name. He should definitely be charged and never be able to attain a license again.
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