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Human Sexuality Class Performs Demonstration

This woman used a sex machine to demonstrate an orgasm for her class. The demonstration was after class, and she had warned people of what she was doing. The session was not mandatory and performed on school grounds.

Was this wrong of her to do?


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03/04/2011 7:54AM
Human Sexuality Class Performs Demonstration
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03/04/2011 10:48AM
Was this wrong of her to do?
i dont feel that it is no .... tis class, sexuality is a huge part in all of our lives . as long as they forwarned what was going to be happening in the session i dont see anything wrong with it myself
03/11/2011 7:23PM
human sexuality class
yes its wrong! its going to far whether or not they were warned.why dont they just have a sign up sheet so anyone can demo. isnt that why they have textbooks! its a private thing. Not something for class!
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