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Holley School Administrator Allegedly Busted for DWI

Here's the story, check out her pic below...


08/24/2010 2:57AM
Holley School Administrator Allegedly Busted for DWI
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08/24/2010 3:08AM
The Administration and/or the BOE is not hiding anything on this or previous situations on this topic. They have conducted the appropriate internal investigations herein. For the information of the public, Ms. Freida has been and continues to be on leaveand not conducting school business. NYS Education Law and binding contracts keep parameters on what the District can do and/or report. This Administration and BOE has conducted business as such. Thank you.
08/24/2010 9:56AM
No Not Holley
It does not surprise me that nothing is being done. She has always been the golden girl there. That district is so back assesd run since Veron Hobbs retired it is a joke. They bring in a superintendent who was a hatchet woman. She in her own way blew up the administration because 2 BOE members did not like these people. One forced retirment,one out of the blue job cut, one non tenure, one because she did not like that person. Then the following school year she leaves Holley and does the same thing at Spencerport. Ms. Frieda should resign from her post ASAP. If she is guilty of this crime she should not be working with children and over seeing their welfare and education. The previous posting is typical HCSD statement we will put a spin on this. I may sound like I have an ax to grind, but I do not ! I feel that is a life leeson and you move on. Ms. Frieda should for herself,the students and the district resign and move on. Your an adult who has a very high profile postion who screwed up and now must pay the price. That price being remove yourself from your position and start over again.
08/24/2010 11:05AM
two idiot
I haven't listened to your radio station in years due to the fact you exploit people you have no clue what is going on in their life, shame on you two idots to get ratings, if something should ever happen I hope you people are accountable, do you think of her children, how would you like people to due this in your lives, I'm sure nether one of you are perfect altho it comes across you do. I have complete disgust for both of you and your raio gossip show, play music and shut your f--in mouths about other peoples private lives. I now hate your station even more than I did! I hope you both have a great perfect life and better hope nothing bad becomes of your B.S. F-- both of you have a grand life you have both put yourself to the lowest of entertainment.
08/24/2010 11:57AM
Happens Everyday...
Not surprising, it's happening to everyone all around us every day in different counties, job positions, ages, etc.. People are turning to alcohol to drown their problems in or just being stupid and not having common sense about what the effects & consequences will be in the long run when they do crap like this! And with this major "crack down" on DWI lately, you'd THINK people would be more aware! It feels like "Prohibition of 1919" is back at times, and our legal rights are slowly being whittled away, one by one with alcohol, ciggerates, health insurance choice, etc.. I'm not saying it's OK to Drink & Drive, I'm saying at 2 BEERS, you are FAR from DRUNK for MOST People, but YET that's why the police wait 20 minutes before administrating the test, so it gets further into your system to raise the point level! I question as to, "WAS she really driving?", "Could someone have left her there, that HAD been Driving Drunk?",etc., I need the WHOLE Story & Evidence before making a Flash judgement on this woman! Just a thought, "Educated People With Degrees Aren't The Sharpest Pencils Most Of The Time", found that one to be TRUE alot!
08/24/2010 12:29PM
Brenda Frieda
Brenda Freida is an amazing person. I have known her my while life and she has been nothing but genuinely nice! I also happen to know her children who are already having a hard time with this as it is. Then you go and put this crap on the radio? How do you think the kids feel about this now...mortified that's how. I don't think any of you fools know what you are talking about. blahblahblah "she shouldn't be dealing with children". She's not! She hasn't been since she got ill. Everyone gets sick at some point right? A mental illness is being sick and she can't control it.... Soooooo stfu nobody knows what they are talking about.
08/24/2010 1:06PM
Brenda Frieda
I don't think she should be working around kids because this is her second DWI. Brenda also shouldn't be aloud to have kids. She is showing them that they should do this when they have trouble in their life and then they will get a DWI and maybe more than one because of her. I HOPE SHE GETS FIRED!
08/24/2010 1:17PM
Ok so she was caught drunk in a car in a parking lot. Was she on the Rd? No. Also are you former attendee's of Holley? the way you are all talking it would seem that way.. She went out & got drunk. Not like she went to school that way. If you want her to resign her position then it would only be fair to make evefryoone who drinks resign, also while they are at it they should do manditory unanounced drug tests & fire everyone who fails.. that isnt going to happen because then they would loose over half of there staff. She is in no way jeapordising the safety of her students. what she does when she is not at work shouldnt be anyones buisness bet her family's. Its not like she abused a child, or attacked someone. I am not condoning drinking & driving in any way that is wrong no matter who you are, im just saying she didnt hurt anyone & I know of some holley employees who have done far worse and never had reprocutions from it because of who they were. That is something that has been going on & will continue to go on there.... if you are in that circle you can do no wrong but if you are not then they wanna hang you. this goes from the top all the way down to the students.
08/24/2010 1:32PM
Person above me read this!!
Who knows she could have drived there drunk and if she did that isn't right she this is the second DWI she has had and if she has another DWI which I think she will because I live in Holley.I see her going in K and K a lot and buying beer. It's not just bad for her it's bad for her that live with her. It's just not right!
08/24/2010 1:32PM
8 Year Holley Resident
I feel very bad that she is going through this hard time and even worse for her husband and her children. I'm sure The Buzz...such a reputable radio station (sarcasm) has the full story and can comment, make fun of and act like this is such a horrific event that she is not worthy as a person let alone as a parent. I also feel bad for those who feel they need to perpetuate the hate and the gossip. We should be rallying ourselves around her and her family, finding out what we can do to help, regardless of whether we like her in her position as a school admin or as a person, this is a tragedy and can happen to any one of us at anytime. There are not many of us who can say that they have not pushed the limit when it comes to traffic violations. How many of us have texted while driving, talked on our cell phones, had a couple too many, drove faster than the posted speed limit, or passed someone going way too slow on a Sunday afternoon on a solid line when no one was coming. Everyone of those infractions could kill someone, so remember this before you start pointing the finger. Anyone of us could be next. I sure hope if i get pulled over for something I dont get hung out to dry by my community...
08/24/2010 1:36PM
Please dont judge!!!
B4 anyone judges another
08/24/2010 1:49PM
Before anyone judges another, take a long look in the mirror yourself and if you see a perfect person then you belong in Heaven! God is the only perfect one in this world!!!!! Not to defend but…..Brenda made a mistake and who knows if she was alone, sometimes one can really go overboard before they see light. Everything is hearsay until proven guilty, but most think they’re perfect. I hope those making comments that nothing this damaging or severe happens to you or anyone you know. As a reminder, it’s up to the BOE to determine her employment!
08/24/2010 2:00PM
I am a Holley student and I go to the elementary school!
I was listening to the radio and next thing I hear is Mrs.Freida's name on the radio so I listened and listened. I didn't believe what I heard and my mom called me and my sister downstairs cause sometimes the t.v is on the news and my mom turned it on and as she changed she was looking through the t.v guide we saw Mrs.Freida got a DWI. So finally I believed it. My mom told me not to say a word to her so now I won't talk to her and my mom told me what DWI means. Driving While Intoxicated. I hate her especically that she is working around us kids. I can't believe she would do that she is always so nice.
08/24/2010 4:21PM
People in Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Stones
I have known Brenda Freida for a long time. She has worked for the school district for 20 years and has taught my children in the past. She has always been caring, dedicated, and a very talented teacher & principal. I do know that she is going through a very difficult time in her life. Just because we don't know what that is doesn't mean she shouldn't be given support and understanding. The DWIs occured outside of school and she has continued to maintain a strong employment record. The students in school like her very much and she has good relationships with us parents. I hope she continues to receive the help and support she needs from friends and family and is able to overcome the trouble she is having.
08/24/2010 6:25PM
Rock bottom???
I would hope this is her rock bottom and she gets help for her issues. Up to this point nobody has been injured. How many of you would be rallying around her if she crashed her car and hurt someone or worse yet killed somebody? To all of her supporters out there it's time for you to rally around her and get involved with her recovery. If you don't care to see your friend publicly ridiculed for her actions then do something about it. How many of you will go further than posting a blog note saying she is a nice person? No one is taking a shot at you for being a friend, but try and play this down like it isn’t significant in the community and you’ll find the same ridicule coming your way. I don't wish any ill will on Mrs. Frieda or her family; however, there are consequences for poor decisions made in the public eye of a small community. As a well known member of the community who influences children’s education, whether it be directly or indirectly, you can stand by for some harsh criticism when this type of behavior is for all to see.
08/24/2010 6:26PM
I can't believe that people are actually defending this behavior. I would be outraged if this happened in my school district. Yes, Ms. Freida is certainly entitled to a private life, however, as an Administrator in an Elementary School she is held to a higher standard. So because she wasn't driving drunk on school property it's okay? Really?? People (particularly children) look up to her. She needs to be held accountable for her actions. If it was handled appropriately the first time, the school district would not be in this horrible predicament. Get her the help she needs but not at the taxpayers expense. I feel terrible for her family, but she created her circumstances - not the radio station. If it wasn't kept "mum" by the district and her problems were addressed rather than kept hidden maybe she would have gotten the real help she needed. It's all "alleged" at this point, but if it turns out to be true, shame on the school district.
08/24/2010 7:01PM
Great show this morning love it
08/24/2010 10:40PM
Why are we still paying her?
We are paying this drunk a 6 figure salary so she can spend even more time drinking while she is on leave and go gamble away the rest, yet our Art and Music programs have been cut in half. This is BS. Fire her now and restore our students education programs. Seems like common sense to me.
08/24/2010 11:06PM
I feel so sad for her children and my heart goes out to them. I hope Brenda gets the help she needs. I agree she should not be able to work at the school. I understand people get "sick" or have a mental illness, but not around my children. How can a women that has a "sickness" of such teach my children about drug and alchol awarness??? (Red Ribbon Week). Not when this women takes off with a gun to harm herself. Whose to say she wouldn't show up to school on a "off" day. If Holley could hide all this for so many years, whose to say she never did go to school drunk, hungover, or did any liquid lunches. When you have this type of disease you don't stop drinking because you have to go to work. Yes, she didn't get caught during school hours, is that what Holley was waiting for. They are known to do that. I was aware she was on leave for awhile, last year, then came back and taught a course about school safety and helped with the family programs. Come on! My children are suppose to learn, follow, and look up to EVERYONE at school. Yes, I understand it is personal, lets take "school" out of it, she is driving down the same roads as my family. She got caught twice, what about the other times she didn't get stopped. That goes for anyone that drinks and drives. I need to protect my children and make sure they feel safe whether in school or not. Please say a prayer for her and her children.
08/25/2010 3:35AM
I agree with the statement under the title on here "unbelievable" . sure she's going to have her supporters, that's a given especially in Holley. no one said she can't have them. but her "friends" need to stop and think and look at the whole picture. really is she wasn't your friend is this someone you want your child role modeling?
08/25/2010 3:47AM
holley covers again
How many times is this district going to stand behind and cover things up in Holley Schools? I understand people make mistakes, I understand about mental illness. However this is a person I do not want my child to have as a role model. Besides the fact she couldn't handle certain positions over the years at the school. It doesn't matter whether people think she's nice or not, it's called moral conduct. just stop and think what if she was driving and killed a family then would you supporters still back her up and say oh I'm sorry she has a mental illness and people make mistakes.? would you? I should hope not. yes I feel bad for her children having to deal with all the drama. it's sad. I don't hate the woman, but I do hate the fact that her and others in this district continue to spend my tax dollars and work there and they do not deserve the position. and once again let's try to cover this up. She chose to work in this profession and it's obvious she has way too much going on in her personal life that she can't handle anything right now. She has been to hospitals for problems and out on leave more then once. hello people wake up, just because she's supposedly nice means nothing. If I worked there and did the same as her, there would be a lynch mob at my door. Holley defends the who's who and damns the rest, typical and so wrong. it will be interesting to see what action the district takes and hopefully they will make the right choice and not the wrong one, but now I'm giving the district too much credit. hmmmmm supporters also what if she went nuts at school what then, would you still support her too and think she deserves her job.? would you. I personally feel she should lose her job in the education world forever, and that she should get the help she needs. and I wish this district would stop covering everything up and not just on this topic. stop the damn politics and do what is best for the students. and I don't really care who agrees and who doesn't.
08/25/2010 6:42AM
Brenda Buczynski Freida yes she is on facebook
08/25/2010 7:31AM
we are so glad you aired this
Thank you Kimberly & Beck it's about time this story got out
08/25/2010 7:38AM
live in holley
I have lived in Holley 20 years, I know Brenda and the school admid. & board members. The people posting saying how great she is, are blind. The board does hid many things, and our money is being wasted, and allowing her to continue in her job is nuts. I am so glad my child is out of school. You guys are right on and i will be at the board meetings to see what will happen next. For the most part noone is supporting her. People need to listen, the board needs to use OUR money and get rid of people like her and rehire some of the great teachers they let go. They don't look out for kids, they look out for their wallets.
08/25/2010 7:45AM
Good Person, Bad Time in Life
Brenda is a very good and caring person. She is having a rough time in life. I am glad (as she is), no one was hurt by her car. Life can slip out of control for ANYONE. I wish her and her family healing prayers! I am not sure how many of you have time topost comments, shouldn't you be out kicking injured animals? How about finding other ways to throw stones from your glass houses?
08/25/2010 7:53AM
good person bad time. whatever. She is a school administrator she has broken moral codes of conduct and more. What the hell is wrong with you supporters? Don't you realize she could have killed innocent people had she not passed out in her car. not to mention this is her 2nd DWI charge. plus the weapons charge she had previously within a year. and all alleged emotional problems etc. for real, who cares if she is nice, that isn't what is in question here, it's called the moral code of conduct and what type of role model is best for the students our children. be her friend if you want,call her nice that does not mean she deserves to work in education. any other district she would have been fired by now. so why is our district taking so long.? hmmmmmmmmm
08/25/2010 7:57AM
was a lifetime holley resident now since has moved
I lived in Holley most of my life and moved away in recent years. This town has always been about certain families and politics they think they are above the law. It is about time karma is catching up with them. Now let's see who's next. Things would be alot different if those in charge actually really cared about our students, our community and so forth but sadly that small town will never have that because people are too damn gutless to step up to the plate. I'm glad I don't live there anymore. goodluck and good riddens.
08/25/2010 8:01AM
glass houses?
Wow. The way i see it, people are not so much trashing her, but the people at the top making decisions to keep her in that position. As tax payers, I think we should all have a say in this. My childrens education (and safety) comes first. Hope people in this community attend board meetings this year.
08/25/2010 8:57AM
Defending People Close to You
I have read posts on other news sites about terrible crimes. I looked on with suprise when they were defended by friends and family. Now I have new perspective. I am friends with this family. I know this person. It is sooooooo easy to lash out when it isjust a news story. News can be just black and white, when we don't know the people involved. It is much more gray when you know the person involved.
08/25/2010 9:10AM
I agree that she should lose her job and that the school should be making a statement and not hiding. It only makes the school system look bad. There are great people and great teachers in Holley, but the BOE and certain administrators' decisions often make the taxpayers and community members angry and hate the whole system. They can't see past this and bad mouth the teachers and all who work there, even though they have nothing to do with the decisions that are made there. This situation is a perfect example. HOWEVER...this is a woman who clearly needs help. Kimberly and Beck laughing about it and making fun of it makes me sick! I will NEVER listen to their show again. If she has tried to commit suicide before, how do they know that their comments aren't going to cause another problem. They really should think about the damage that their approach to this subject could cause. Obviously, it's news, but they could have just talked about the fact that she shouldn't have a job, and not made fun of the fact that she obviously needs help. I in no way condone her actions, her drunk driving, or her working at the school because of this. I just have compassion and empathy for a person who needs help, and for her kids who are going to suffer because of this. I hope she gets the help she needs soon, before it's too late.
08/25/2010 9:53AM
The facts and NOT The Personal Issues
It is clear that the board have clearly on many occasions withheld information and swept many issues under the rug. Regardless what the bleeding hearts think, the law must be upheld and she should be terminated. Perhaps the job was just too much for her, considering she wasn't qualified for it. I hope she gets terminated for the safety of our children and of course gets help. However, she knew what she was doing and she should be treated like the criminal that she is. And think of this: she got a big raise when "appointed" to this position and built an indoor swimming pool. Our tax dollars going to waste for sure. Goodbye and good riddance.....
08/25/2010 9:53AM
I've lived in holley all my life...
Shame on you two! It is all over the news stations yes, but you two don't need to make it worse. Kimberly, you are a pushy loud mouth BULL DOG, and Beck you are HER PUPPET, who does not have the B***s to stand up for yourself, or think for himself. The guy with the "Lisp" your an idiot too. I don't support Brenda, I think it was very irresponsible what she has done, but YOU or anyone else has no right to pass judgment on others or poke fun because they have a disease. The only thing you two A**hats want is ratings. OH, and Kimberly, If you don't start respecting your HUSBAND and getting some compassion and consideration for others, you will lose HIM too.
08/25/2010 10:01AM
DID you ever stop to think
Who are the other people in the photo there??? I know them, do you?? You didn't even stop to think to crop the photo so THEY will not be embarrassed?? ... didn't think so, all you care about is ratings, I wont be listening again!
08/25/2010 10:19AM
You all know everything.....
Her house came with the pool. She did not build it with her "raise". It would be nice if you got the FACTS first!!!!
08/25/2010 10:23AM
Holley Needs To Do The Right Thing Now!
Imagine this, 6 figure salary, private entrance into the school, head of the district's DARE Program, however, former Holley administrators, questionable citizens, rule the BOE. Hmmm, imagine losing $775,000 in special education aid, and then being able to retire and come back as the BOE President, Village Board Member, on the boards of several medical organizations, and yet continues to be reelected and continues to cover up the corruption, these BOE members all need to be booted out as does the top dog running the school. Who is watching out for our children? Just think, many of us can not even afford school clothes and supplies for our children but these "unleaders" are taking our hard earned money to pay their salaries, build indoor swimming pools, or live out of Orleans County because our community is such a poor community. Time to clean house people in the Holley CSD. Grow some balls and get the right people to lead the community. The time is NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08/25/2010 1:32PM
oh please with defending her
the people defending brenda need to stop. when u are in the positions of looking after our kids, you are held in a higher morale bracket. her first dwi and gun charge was because she got caught having an affair with the superintendent. i'm glad i have no kids in holley schools. it's all a joke and most people in the town are sick of it. the board needs to wake up!!!
08/25/2010 2:34PM
Just the facts....the evidence speaks for itself
Ever watch CSI? Law & Order? Criminal Minds? Good law enforcement sticks to the facts and the evidence tells the story. I agree the woman needs help and should receive it but not at the expense of our tax dollars and our poor district's community to pay her a six figure salary, paid leave, and the behavior was repeated again. It is quite possible that we know of two events because she was caught; however, could there be more? The person took an ethics oath when she first became a teacher and then an administrator. She broke the moral code and demonstrated unsafe and unfit behaviors which could endanger our children. Terminate her from employment, send her to rehab, etc., help her find a job away from children and never let her have her NYS certifications again. Do we want her to go postal next?
08/25/2010 2:45PM
Student of Holley
I heard Mrs.Freida went crazy and hurt her mom what happens if she goes crazy on of my friends at school or somebody else. I don't want to see her at school unless I hear and have proof that is not true!
08/25/2010 2:54PM
I think........
I think she looks better with long hair, she was sorta lookin butchy in the one pic. I think mug shots should show more cleevage. I think after a few drinks I would do her.
08/25/2010 5:28PM
I have never met a perfect human being, have you?
Brenda is someones mother, daughter, wife, and friend. Think about what YOUR SLANDERING is doing to these people. I am very close with this family. Brenda and I have been friends for many years. She is truly an amazing person and would give you the shirt off of her back if you needed it. She has done so many wonderful things for the students in the Holley Central Schools and for the District itself. No one is talking about any of that, though. LEARN ALL OF THE FACTS before you open your mouths to trash or disrespect someone. What if this was a member of your family, how would you feel? Kimberly and Beck, I have lost all respect for you as human beings. I hope that you find yourselves in a similar situation one day with someone close to you, then you can see how it feels to be on the other side. You would not be making a big deal about it if she didn't work for a school district. This happens to many people with other jobs daily. I am a teacher, so you feel I shouldn't be allowed to have a personal life, beyond my professional duties? While I am not condoning the choices that she had made, I am simply saying that honest people make mistakes, too. Try using your show for greater good rather than pushing people to their limits. For those of you calling to offer the "details" that you thought you had the inside scoop on, grow up and make sure they are correct facts - OR DON'T STOOP THAT LOW in the first place!!! And for your information, she NEVER drove under the influence of alcohol - she merely was sitting in her vehicle after she'd called for a ride - BOTH times.
08/25/2010 6:05PM
People are so ignorant! She built an indoor pool with tax money? Lol shows how much all these people know...
08/25/2010 6:09PM
Walk a Mile In Someone's Shoes
This radio station is disgusting and the comments made to hurt Brenda, her family, and the school district are even more disgusting. I have worked with Brenda in the Holley district for over 15 years. She is one of the most caring and dedicated employees the district has. She is having difficulty and I don't condone the drinking, but I do know for a fact that on both instances of DWI she had called for a ride and was waiting in the vehicle. Over the years she has been a friend for many and like the person above says, would give the shirt off her back to help someone. She is a very proud and private woman and needs friends now to help her through the difficult time.
08/25/2010 11:24PM
I understand she is a great person and a friend. You can't tell me if she wasn't your friend and it was an administrator in a different school district you wouldn't feel differently. You would be sitting right here in OUR shoes. The WHOLE point of all this, is that she DOES work in the school. There are people out there that have the same issues, alcoholism, DWI's, and many suicide attempts and had their children taken away. Why in the world would it be ok for her to work in a school? YES, SHE WAS DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED BECAUSE I HEARD IT ON THE POLICE SCANNER! I just don't want her to be working at the school anymore with my children. And SHE disrespected our children. Standing there speaking to them about drug and alcohol awarness, DARE program, THAT was dishonest, hypocritical, and disappointing. Yeah! explain THAT to your children.
08/25/2010 11:24PM
Former Teacher
Hey Bring back Hobbs, Pileggi, Welch, Camuto and Gilbert. They were not perfect but they ran the district better than what goes on now. Dismiss the Superintendrnt, The lazy former HS guidance coundelor, the mole of a HS secretary who thinks she is an administrator, Frieda and all the fat cat BOE. Do it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
08/26/2010 12:10AM
Just Wrong
Its easy to react and it is easy to be a sensationalist but in your profession it is trashy and shows a lack of professionalism. If you did your research you would know that Brenda was a dedicated principal of the elementary school for 7 years. During that time her car was always the first there and the last to leave. She instituted many things and was considered inovative in the character education movement. She always was a kind caring person and her character and motivation was never questioned. Holley has struggled to replace her as a principal. Brenda did things as a prinicpal, i.e. Saturday detention, that was not required in her contract but she did them to help kids and to help achieve her vision for her school. Brenda is a mother, wife, and daughter. She is going through a very difficult time. People are displaying loyalty to her because she has always been there for them and was a pillar of the district for many years. Brenda has done more good in her life than most people can hope to do. Instead of destroying a role model and mentor to many maybe in the future you could use your forum to teach tolerance and education. Next time take a breath before you react and go for the easy laugh, your career could be extended a bit longer.
08/26/2010 1:40AM
08/26/2010 3:59AM
mother beater
Brenda F-er is a drunken mother beater who drives from tavern to tavern waving her pistol looking to hook up. It's her way of dealing with her "daddy" issues. If she is your friend and you care about her future, push her into some intense counseling for her own good before she really hurts someone.
08/26/2010 6:58AM
To Former Teacher
I agree 100percent. I am a resident and have had enough with how this is school is run. They have gotten rid of teachers that has done so much and the kids rely on, yet keep the people who don't care and just want their paycheck. None care about the closness of what Holley is about. Most don't live in Holley so its easy for them to look at it as a stepping stone and look out for only themselves. Our kids pay the price and the board covers up. You hit everyone right on the head.
08/26/2010 7:10AM
Let me get this straight...
There is a separation between home and school. Did any of these instances occur on school grounds? Were any of these instances on school time? NO!!!!!!!! People have personal lives, yes it's true. You claim that you don't want your tax money spent on salaries to get spent on alcohol, or pools that were bought with the house, who are you to decide what people spend their money on? Does your boss know that you stop at the store and grab yourself a 12 pack? Is there a difference between you and anyone else as to where your own money gets spent? She is a human being like the rest of us. You heard that she attacked her mom? Is that the entire true story? Did her mom attack her? You don't that for sure, do you? Also, she has been under care, that's pretty responsible and noble if you ask me. Maybe you if you live in a glass house you shouldn't throw stones. YOU PEOPLE BASHING HER MAKE ME SICK.
08/26/2010 8:17AM
Can't believe this
This is beginning to get really nasty & I feel very sorry for Brenda's family. Her children in particular. They don't deserve this. BUT there is a reason that this has created so much attention, frustration, and anger. This radio station did not provide a story that we didn't all know. (at least those of us who live in Holley, or who have friends/family in Holley). Most importantly, they didn't create the story. It was pulled from the newspaper. They are a radio station. They are doing what they are paid to do, like it or not. Freedom of speech. The news comes from facts, and while there may be some added rumor...unfortunately the majority of it, and the bottom line of it all, is true! The reality is, people who live in this small town have known all of this but have had no power to do anything about it. There are certain people who are protected & seem to be able to get away with whatever. Community members are full of anger because the secrets are finally out and we now have a forum to vent and express our disgust regarding this situation. That's the crazy part. We already knew, but nobody seemed to talk about or address it. It's unbelievable. On a side-note: the teachers my children have had have been fantastic. This is not about them. The problem comes from the Administration & the Board and I wonder who is really looking out for the best interest of our children. If we live in this district, the only way to get out is to move. I would love to just pull my kids from the school completely...not so easy. Rather complicated. Unfortunately, none of the venting on this forum is going to change anything in the long run. It just feels good to finally be heard by SOMEONE and know you aren't alone. What needs to happen is involvement. This can't continue. Go to the Board...yeah okay but what's that really going to accomplish? So I wonder, what happens now? #1 question: is she coming back?? Let's face it, if this was a cashier at Walmart nobody would be talking about it. Anyone in education (especially a leader as such) is going to be scrutinized for such questionable & frankly I would say dangerous activity. The expectations are higher. Simple as that. And if the school didn't try to cover it up & provide a very decent salary while doing so...people wouldn't be so furious. We all knew what was going on, but now everyone else does too. It's about time. One more thing, those of you who defend all of this-do you wonder at ALL why this is such a big story? Whether Brenda is a friend or not. Are you so deep into it you can't see the problem and the controversy? Focus on helping your friend not protecting the damage that has already been done. I'm a nice person too but if you saw me driving drunk down the road I don't think you would be defending my behavior.
08/26/2010 8:35AM
Wow!!!!So we should not malign a nice person who drives drunk from Holley to Batavia? She could have killed someone. A person in her position is subject to a higher moral duty. She deserves all criticism.
08/26/2010 9:18AM
stop excuses
If you really want to help this person please stop saying she has a disease and it's not her fault. It is her fault. I understand once an alchoholic starts drinking they lose control, but they have control up until having that first drink which she chose to do. Making excuses and saying it's not her fault because she has a disease is just giving her a free ticket to go out and do it again because after all "she can't help it she has a disease".
08/26/2010 10:15AM
Im glad I go to Brockport. Holley is wack!
08/26/2010 10:27AM
employee view
Brenda is the nicest of people and is going through a rough time right now. Please stop the personal attacks on her. No doubt she will lose her job so quit harping about it. She has been through enough already without turning it into a Salem witch hunt. Seriously, enough name calling. You dont need to convince anyone what she did was wrong and unacceptable. What I would like to point out is that although everyone may be shocked by this news, this is what Holley staff live with every day. We've known this for a year. And whats more, thats just the tip of the iceberg. So before you knock the teachers of Holley, keep in mind that we all work very hard and under some appalling work conditions that we have no control over. Not physical conditions, but a work environment that is run by a manipulative, sneaky, and heartless administration. (Not all of them, but you know who you are...)
08/26/2010 11:13AM
another employee
"Employee view" says it all! I also work in the district.Holley is a tough place to work and an even tougher place to live. I moved here 20 years ago and still have not gotten used to the meaness and pettiness in a lot of the people here.I am confident that Brenda will do the right thing ( for her own mental health, I hope she can get out of here) which is more than I can say about some people.
08/26/2010 2:10PM
This event comes at a really bad time after so many teachers have had their jobs cut. Entire programs cut in half. My kid in the elementary school will only get a 1/2 year of art and same for music. You have to admit, that's pretty bad. Those are the classes the kids look forward to. And how will they ever explore music and art at that level. They will arrive in high school way below their peers in other districts. I think that is what is causing so much anger. We have pleaded at board meetings to reinstate program cuts like art and music and high school business for that matter. Even the federal aid money I am told is going to be held off until next year to avoid further cuts. That is a ton of money!!! You cant use it to reinstate tenured, seasoned teachers this year that now are financially struggling? Its just hard for the town to watch our taxes pay Brenda's salary which could pay off 3 teachers full time. Its hard for us to hear that a special job was created for someone to do Brendas work while she is out. This job was not budgeted for. MORE COST to the district. Its unfair how the district goes out of their way for the admin. but throws the teachers under the bus. I hope people join me at the next board meeting because I want some answers.
08/26/2010 3:21PM
You think it's been tough before, brace yourselves for this year. It's going to be awful.
08/26/2010 3:31PM
RE: Employees
What is that supposed to mean???
08/26/2010 4:27PM
no - one knows half of what goes on in the school. boy could I give a ear full. they have the titles but what does it mean. they do what they want not what is right for the students
08/26/2010 5:34PM
YOU IDIOTS CROPPED THE WRONG PERSON!!! IT'S THE ONE ON THE LEFT! Can't even get that straight... surprise surprise... now I know why I don't listen to your pathetic station...
08/26/2010 5:50PM
Swept under the rug...
That is the wrong person you cropped... that's not her... I am sick of giving my tax money so this women can keep her position, and have someone "fill in" for her while she is gone. She gets paid WAY to much and so does the "super" 150k a year. They sure in the hell don't do that much work for what they do. It's the teachers that deserve the money. They get their raises while the kids get screwed! I pay more than a grand for school taxes a year, and for what? To pay for them to live high off the hog. I wish residents have control, but we don't. THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO. They will sweep it under the rug until the next time this happens. As far as I am concerned we need to wipe out the WHOLE board, and the administration and start fresh with PARENTS who care about the kids and not the wallets of small town fat cats. Brenda has a PROBLEM, I'm sure is a nice person, but it is very hard not to take a disease with you to work. I am sure her alcoholism influences her job as well, as it is hard to separate your job and your personal life. What's stopping her from bringing a weapon to school and going "postal" there?? She is not fit for her job. period. - Holley resident.
08/27/2010 10:56AM
What to do
First you make a call to The state education department. Explain what the present and past situations are. Ask them what can be done and if they will investigate. Then you form a parents group. Start pettitions for board members to resign and any administratore to resign. Go to county superintendent or head of education at the state level. Present your concerns and you evidence. Ask for an audit of the finanicial and educational part of the district. You may also request a 3020A against Frieda or any other district employee who violates the law and who violates state education law. You can get a state education guide line book from the district or the Brockport bookstore. Good luck ! I hope they get what is coming to them.
08/27/2010 4:10PM
Would you?
For those of you defending her, would you let your child get into a car with her? This is incident number 4. How many chances will she get? I feel sorry for her children. They are the only victims in this whole thing. If you are truly her friends, stop enabling her. And as far as her attempted suicide, it was believed that she wanted to hang out the window so when her husband and child drove up, they'd see her hanging. Nice mother! If she's that wonderful of a person, shouldn't she put her own children first and go and seek treatment?
08/27/2010 4:57PM
In reply to "there is nothing we can do"
"THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO"...you can do several things: 1) Run for BOE on your agenda 2) Go to school. Get your education. Get your Master's. Obtain your School Administration Certification. Get a job in the field and work to do things your way. 3) Join the PTSA or District Improvement Team and voice your opinion about how the school should be run. 4) Volunteer in your school My guess is you have done of these things. It is always much easier to sit back and complain then to actually get up and do something about it. How sad and pitiful that you all do this. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.
08/27/2010 5:20PM
I am disgusted with the lack of respect that people out there have for Brenda. The situation is obviously being addressed. People forget that there is a good person behind all this, friends, family, and probably most importantly her children. Everyonehas their opinions-- is it really necessary to broadcast them on the radio, facebook, etc.....if anything else keep the nasty comments to yourself....is it really our job to pass judgment? Imagine the things her poor kids are hearing...
08/28/2010 5:44AM
i think it's time to clean the whole school out. there is alot going on people don't even know. starting w/ a little girl hanging out at the bus garge. free babysitter hcs must be nice.....
08/28/2010 6:53AM
It starts at the top
What really sucks here is that the real culprit here is getting away clean again. The fact is that Bob D'Angelo is a sexual predator. He treats the district as his own private Harem - she is not the first woman in Holley he has either slept with or hit on. He used his position as her boss to leverage her into an affair and at this point has not only destroyed Brenda but her entire extended family as well. There is no way that she willingly jumped into bed with this guy. Have you looked at this guy? He is a troll and she could have done much better than him. This pig pressured her into having sex with him and when she finally couldn't take it anymore - she spilled it to her husband and then this whole thing spun out of control. I don't think you could drink ENOUGH to get the picture of him having sex with you out of your mind! Like I said - it starts at the top. Get rid of this bum and find someone that lives IN Holley - not Buffalo - that has an actual stake in the district. Are you listening Board of Ed?? Have you been to the same board meetings I have? This mean spirited, self indulging pig is ruining the district. Oh yeah - he did try and get a job elsewhere last year but no one would have him - so much for his loyalty - dump him NOW!!!
08/28/2010 7:19AM
Dueling Banjos
I dont know who or what lives out there in Holley but I would be so embarrassed to have my child going to school there. It sounds like Deliverance to me.
08/28/2010 2:25PM
For "WOULD YOU"...
Yes, I would let my children get in a car with Brenda. I would even get in a car with Brenda, she was in a parking lot - remember? Apparently you don't know her like I do. Where do you get your information from? Maybe you should stop reading the hear-say on here and stop joining the bandwagon. Get your facts straight. Get a life and talk about a topic that you actually have knowledge on.
08/28/2010 9:32PM
For "Would you"
If you would get into a car with her or would allow your children to, then you must have been educated in Holley... if you get my point.
08/28/2010 10:58PM
Holley schools needs new leadership
this district is so corrupt. Get rid of the administrators, Get rid of the gutless BOE. Let's start this school over, clean up the mess and begin again. Why the heck don't more parents jump on board and ban together to make a difference since it's obvious our so called leaders do nothing about anything. Do you realize how many unhappy employees there are, not to mention lack of programs for students. get somewhere in there that will make the difference. There must be someone in the area that has what they need to run this place. Superintendents should live within the district. I"m so tired of most admin. living elsewhere do you think they really care what happens in holley? no they don't so long as they get their big fat paycheck. And as for Brenda good bye. who cares if she's a nice person, big deal. She needs serious help and does not deserve the job she has and I do hope they fire her. She's been in trouble numerous times, many teachers do not think very highly of her. gee could that be because she slept with Bob D'Angelo and when she had to many meltdowns as a principal she slept with him and created a position for herself. Everyone knows the story. so parents and community step up. Perhaps we should all contact the area superintendent at boces and override our district and contact the state education department. enough of this bullcrap hush hush stuff. I don't feel sorry for Brenda she put this on herself. I do feel bad for children that have to watch all of this go on. and as for people shutting their mouths if you don't like what we post here don't read it.
08/29/2010 9:11AM
corrupt district is right
This is how corrupt the district is: At a recent board meeting a BOE member purposed that a teacher assistance position be added back in the budget, which just happened to be her daughter-in-law's position. This board member was allowed to vote on this purposal along with the TA's landlord. Isn't that a conlict of interest? The BOE president allowed it to happen! It was said that it was cost the district only $3000 more. Not true! That amount does not include health insurance. Also stated at the meeting was that this BOE member's husband, who is the highway super in the town would plow the school parking lots to save the school district money. Why should the town of Murray be spending taxpayers' dollars to do favors for the school district? Who would be paying for labor and fuel costs. Maybe he is spending his own personal money to do this or is he just uses the Town of Murray equipment as it his own. Doesn't the Town of Murray have plenty of other jobs that need to be done? HCSD is just part of a "Good Old Boys Club." Also, what does a district office secretary have on the school superintendent that she recently got a big promotion and huge raise. Taxpayers are frustrated with program cuts. teacher cuts, field trip cuts, etc. Take take take from our child for yourselves administraters and BOE.
08/29/2010 12:26PM
didnt this secretary get the job of athletic director? In every other school district the athletic director is a person with admin certification. Just curious... will the part time lunch aides be promoted to assistant superintendent and mayor of Holley?
08/29/2010 12:58PM
nothing will change...
Nothing will change in Holley unless the residents, parents, students and employees work together to make something happen. People need to set aside their differences and unite to make things happen instead of having the "nothing will change" or "I hate this group of people" attitude for something that happened years ago. The corruption will continue until the administration and BOE are replaced.
08/29/2010 7:39PM
Hate and judgement
I hope you all decide to step out from your annominity so we can comb through your life, make fun of all of your mistakes, and spread lies about your character, family, etc. Please..if you feel so strongly sign your name...let us go through your life and allow us to write our opinion about you over and over again for the world to see. To all of you that have been written about on these silly blogs, please know that these writings represent a small group of people with their conspiracy theories, rumor spreading, uneducated babble and do NOT represent everyone in the Holley community. There are many more of us who continue to believe in our schools, and those who run it, and who actually have way more important things to do with our life that to sit around and spread hate and judgement.
08/29/2010 8:05PM
To Hate and Judgement
I tell you what, when I get a job as a prominent local figure in our community and decide to self destruct in public, creating a potential risk to injure or kill others I will not expect anyone to come to my defense. BTW...See you at the board meeting...I expect you will be the one praising her accomplishments.. I will be the one asking why she still has a job....
08/30/2010 11:41AM
Next Board meeting
Sept 20th at 6:30pm I sure hope all the concerned people and the media are there. This woman was not put on suspension until the investigations are done. She took a leave of absence??? Yes I understand her personal life is just that personal but what no one has mentioned is if she is an alcoholic one day and maybe even already she will be drinking for breakfast. I have known alcoholics and they DO drink on the job. And this superintendant needs to go. If any other person were caught having sex on school property all hell would break loose. Did this man not just get caught with ANOTHER teacher hunched over her desk? YES!! There are no secrets in Holley school. Maybe to the media but parents and students alike know it all! You think your teachers and secretary don't talk? Guess again!! Every student in the school knows exactly what you do Mr. D. and that is just twisted. Mrs. Freida is a great person and so far has been great in the school she should be suspended until the outcome of the court case. If found guilty I am sorry but she should lose her job. If reinstated she needs to be enrolled in rehab. I take offense to the fact that the person that handed my daughter her DARE award is drinking like this. #1 rule NEVER drink alone!!!
08/30/2010 12:02PM
Gotta go!
Yup - the FIRST order of business has to be the removal of the Superintendent. When it is rotten form the top down - there is no chance for things to get any better down the line. Bye - Bye! Gotta go!
08/30/2010 5:37PM
Time to clean house !!!!!
The following people should be replaced not reassigned. All 9 BOE members. Starting with the president. Superintendent Any other administrator who knew of this and did not report it to State Education Department. HS Secretary AKA " The Mole " Former guidance counselor who has a new position. She has been stealing a paycheck for years. Lazy and fat is not a good role model. Anyone named Gaylord in the district. They are one of the all mighty. If that does not work call the state education department and have them investigate not only this but other swept under the rug issues. Maybe the state will take control of the district until it a district for learning and for students to be proud of again.
08/30/2010 5:44PM
For anyone that thinks that the "situation" in Holley will improve, you are sadly mistaken. For generations, the school and the town have been "controlled" by the 3P's,the G's, H's, N's and many more that I will not spend time elaborating on. The District Administration, BOE and others in positions of authority do not care about what happens to it's student's or teachers. The bottom line is the fact that if your name doesn't begin with the correct letter or if you are unwilling to be a "YESUM" person (especially to the HS Secretary) your time in Holley is either very limited or intolerable. Many valuable employees have left, been fired or just made to feel "incompetent" by a system whose whole ideology is based upon Holley's Political Structure. I disagree, with those of you who say "MORE" Holley people are needed to work in the District because they will care more. NEWS FLASH! They will only care about their own! For those of you who were not born and raised there, your children are NOT one of their own. It all depends upon what your LAST NAME is or how willing an employee is to disrespect himself by becomming a "CLONE" of the ever present HOLLEY Clique. A clique that is capable of driving even the most "sane" person "insane".
08/30/2010 5:51PM
Everyone involved in this should be ashamed of themselves!!! I have been a life long holley resident, graduated from the school and currently live in the village with my family. My children currently go to the elementary school and now I can definitly say im embarrassed to be a part of this town!! The school can make this right and step up and take some afirmative action..just thank god no one was killed in her personal time no matter how reckless or great she is..wouldnt this be a whole other story if she would have injured or killed one of the students she so call works to help and educate..the whole town is a crock..political bs..always has been..cant wait to see if the community takes a stand against it!!!
08/30/2010 7:48PM
Ok, time to vent!
This is getting ridiculous. I really don't care if Brenda is "nice," and quite frankly, I am sick of hearing that. That is not the point! As a parent of children in this school district, I'm not sure if I am more furious or embarrassed by all of this. Brenda was on leave when THIS incident happened. This does not explain why she was working before that? How can such shady, unethical practices exist by this school without someone at a higher level getting involved? Is a school district allowed to protect an employee to such an extent? This has now cost this school district its entire reputation. What are we supposed to tell our children? Due to the level of dysfunction this mess has become, we are not able (nor willing) to "cover it up" like the BOE & Superintendent have done & apparently have expected everyone else in this community to do as well. It could have been a private matter if Brenda was relieved of her duties earlier in the year, but now it IS everyone's business. And to "Hate & Judgement," I think you are going to be very disappointed when you find out that your "opinion" regarding this matter does not jive with what the majority of people in this town are thinking. I don't care about all the rumors because I don't listen to those. At this point, I can't even wrap my head around the possibility that those could be true. My opinion is based solely on the facts (the ones that were in the newspaper-public knowledge). THAT, is enough.
08/30/2010 9:31PM
To "Next Board Meeting"
According to the D and C, she is expected back in court on the 20th. Hopefully she can get the help she apparently needs. I'm glad that people are speaking up. The teachers in Holley are noble people trying to do an immpossible job. It wasn't all of the Greece PD that was corrupt, only a few. It's not all of Holley, sadly though it is many. To all you Holley teachers who are not in the pockets of the administration, you are truly noble people and I hope that you know that. For those of you in anyone's pocket...there is an old expression..."You lie down with dogs you get fleas".
08/30/2010 10:09PM
boo hoo
I'm a parent of children that goes to holley school and I know we all make mistakes but how many times do you need to make a mistake before you learn your lesson . Shame on you holley for letting her get away with it the first time, because that did nothing but prove she can get away with it. She needs help and definately should not work with children. I have two children that attend holley and thankfully one is graduating this year, but I have another one just starting kindergarden. Just alittle concerned about there safety. Good work letting the public know kim and beck, I appreciate the truth.
08/31/2010 6:50PM
They all need to go, I hope the state Ed. does get involved. They will be alot of job's open.
08/31/2010 7:05PM
Grow Up!!
I'm really glad that this lady is being attacked like this when she is a good lady she was my former teacher and probably one of my favorite teachers, as for all the rants about Holley and the school and the p's and g's there is an easy fix for all of this....MOVE OUT OF HOLLEY!!!!! Since when are you all perfect and never make mistakes. You people are the problem in the town. She made a mistake and she will probably pay for it but it is her problem not anyone else's. You all chose to come and live here and send your children to Holley so don't complain 24/7 about how things are run I'm sure if you moved no one would miss you. I think jealousy plays a HUGE part in all of this. I'm very sorry that your last name does make you a big shot in the town. You know you have all made mistakes but it has never gone public like this and sure you wouldn't want it to so maybe we should all shut up and start making Holley a better place by staying out of everyones business, worry about yourself and your own family.
08/31/2010 8:39PM
Former Secretary to the Superintendent
My name is Cece and I was the former secretary to the superintendent that DO YOU PEOPLE LIVE UNDER ROCKS is referring to. You have got to be kidding me. Do you think the reason I resigned and retired had anything to do with me "knowing too much"? And what rock do you live under? You will never know the truth as to why I left the district but it sure wasn't because I got a payoff to keep my mouth shut about any affairs. Also, you people LOVE LOVE LOVE to kick people while they are down. What goes around is coming around........leave that to your imagination.
08/31/2010 9:00PM
Re: Grow Up and Former Secretary
FINALLY!! Someone (well actually two people) is writing on this page that has an ounce of intelligence. Thank you Grow Up and Former Secretary. It is nice to know that not everyone is ignorant and spiteful. However, these people will not listen to you anyways and will try and continue to argue thier stupidity. I would just walk away from this page--I am going to. Let the 20 or so closed minded, bitter, ignorant people on here to continue their silly rants. They are the type that will always have some sort of complaint and will always be able to do things better anyway. The rest of us can go on having a life.
08/31/2010 11:11PM
I find this whole issue very fascinating...I find it interesting how people get such a rush when writing their comments (I can picture some people sitting at their computers, saying what they are writing aloud, spit flying at the computer montior, veins in their temples bluging, sweat pouring down their red faces)...people are angry, justifiably so...people want answers...justifiably so...I have never met a perfect person, I have never met someone who was without fault...I have met someone who has needed medical help because of addiction. I have met someone who has tried to committ suicide. I have met many imperfect human beings, myself being one. I am not here to vent or to say what "I think should happen" because, frankly, I am not a judge or juror in this case. What I am, is a human being who has read some pretty heated and spiteful posts, some of which may be true, many of which are based on rumors and 100% opinion (which everyone is entitled to). I just want people to realize that, what you write here doesn't make you sound intelligent in many cases (in fact, it has the exact opposite effect), and that we are all people, this instance involves people, and also...punctuation goes inside the end quotation mark...
09/01/2010 1:38AM
Holley Again
Good morning Kimberly and Beck. It is your weekly Holley report section. Students arrested for a disturbance at a Mosque. The drunken,gun toting,abusive administrator. I think this whole town is still feeling the chemical affects from the Diaz plant leak years ago. They should merge this district with either Albion or Kendall or OZ because the people here are living a fantsy. Now what are you people going to say next. Boys will be boys. She did not mean to get drunk and charged twice. These are good boys who were out to have some fun. She is an angel who just happens to like her booze while she drives. Wake up you back ass rednecks. Crimes are being committed and in the end all you inbreads want to do is glorify these people. I would not send my dog to your district. I am an outsider who is embarresed for your kids and the teachers of this district
09/01/2010 2:28PM
"inbread" it's a new type of "bread"
You spelled it "inbread." It should spell it "inbreed," dumbass!
09/01/2010 10:57PM
I am reading all of these blogs about how embarrassing it would be to live in Holley and have your children go to school there, really you think this kind of crap doesn't happen in every school district WAKE UP!!!! This bull happens everywhere that people have power and "sweeping it under the rug" is a regular event in all districts, some get caught and some don't. Board members, administration, community members and so on spend countless hours "not getting caught" in every community. Don't kid yourself that because you live in Brockport you don't have corrupt, mentally unstable, drunks,and people who do not care running your district!! Before you judge an entire community take a look in your own backyard!!!
09/02/2010 10:22PM
Holley Again???
May I ask where you are from and what wonderful school district your children attend??? You are as big an idiot as you sound if you think other communities don't have scandal...read the news once in while...that is if you can read!!!!
09/03/2010 7:48PM
Former Holley Employee
1. What good did she do when she was sober and actually working, however long ago that was.2. Maybe people will stop supporting her when she throws a few loaded caronas back and cruises through the bus loop.3. I heard she took out a Federal Grant and bought a golden toilet with it.
09/04/2010 4:11AM
Bad person or not, she violated the law, plain and simple. The debate here should be about that and that only.
09/04/2010 1:28PM
I agreed with your comments until your last sentence when you took a swipe at someone's ability to write correctly. Very hypocritical!
09/05/2010 7:12AM
Even Dumber
Yeah - that would be inbred -
09/05/2010 7:18PM
clean up!! wow
(i think it's time to clean the whole school out. there is alot going on people don't even know. starting w/ a little girl hanging out at the bus garge. free babysitter hcs must be nice.....) fantasic who wrote this needs to learn how to spell, and need to get a job.If you have enough time to be into other peoples buissnes and ruin there job how about you shutup and babysit
09/06/2010 4:21PM
New Curriculum?
I think that everyone is looking at this in the wrong light. You have to look at the positive. If nothing else, I think we have found Holley's new Driver's Ed. teacher. If she can drive from Holley to Batavia while being unresponsively drunk, imagine what she could do soberish! Holley is expanding, so file the kids in, three at a time.
09/08/2010 1:38AM
Something new.......
I'm going to be at the next board mtg. and do something unheard of. I'm going to listen to the facts and see how this BOE and superintendant react to this situation.Then I will make my own mind up.
09/08/2010 11:01PM
Did anyone notice that Holley only relecently approved her fmla that supposedly started August 3rd...before the incident? Look at the Board minutes from Aug 18th. That's when it was approved. Why did they approve it so late after it started? They told the media she had been on it since 8/3. Interesting that they didn't "approve" it earlier.
09/18/2010 6:36AM
dangelo must go
resign or be driven out of office for your bad leadership. You are toxic, predictable and despicable.
09/19/2010 11:18AM
coach derock needs to resign
the holley football coach aggressively man handled a member of the Holley football team yesterday and forced him to quit. This incident is being pursued and we hope to see that coach out of a job and education.
09/20/2010 1:50PM
Miserable Drama Seekers!
First off, this comment is not valid in the least. The teenager quit after demonstrating absolute non-sportsmanlike characteristics and it being addressed by his coach. As boring as that sounds, it is the truth, not the garbage that you miserable with your own life drama seeking people post! Can we just be proud of the HARD WORK AND DEDICATION THAT GOES INTO A PROGRAM LIKE THIS?!! That would be a lot easier done than digesting the hooey that is trying to be spread here. Congratulations Holley on your man strong improvements scholastically and the success of all your sports programs!!!
09/20/2010 2:05PM
why do people have to create drama when it isn't needed. and what does a team have to do with this blog or any of the disgusting posts here? Grow up and be more concerned with your own character
09/21/2010 5:10AM
School board meeting
What a shame that all you complainers never even showed up at the board meeting. First off for the first time in ages they held it in the board room. No seats too and way to hot. Several employees even commented that they did this deliberately so everyone would leave. Outsiders spoke first in hopes that everyone would leave before they got to their business. And the only thing mentioned about it was to extend her leave (approved)
09/21/2010 7:53AM
to "School board meeting"
Please get your facts straight. With the exception of the budget review meetings all the board meetings have been in the board room lately. Why?...no one ever shows up!!! Why pay custodial staff to set up chairs when only one or two people come to the meetings? In the past if it was too crowded they would decide to move to the cafeteria. If people were to actually show up on a regular basis I bet they would go back to holding the meetings in the cafeteria.
09/21/2010 7:55PM
Like it matters..
Too bad the superintendent spent the whole time reading instead of listening to anyone. I dont think he or the business officer looked up once. How rude.
09/25/2010 8:54AM
Especially when my fellow students have the bravery to stand up and speak in a respectful manner. Mr. DeAngelo should show us the same respect. Thanks for being a role model. Not.
09/25/2010 8:55AM
Especially when my fellow students are brave enough to stand up and speak before the board but they still are respectful. Mr. DeAngelo should show the same respect. Nice role model. Not.
09/27/2010 3:32PM
TO: School Board Mtg, Like It Matters and True
When was the last time you attended a scheduled Holley School Board Meetng. They have been held in the District conference center for a very long time due to the lack of attendance at the meetings. Apparently, the BOE dd think of something positive in this sense. They are NOT wasting money have table and chairs set up in the cafetorium when there is no need to as only a couple of folks were attending anyhow. So, they were, in fact, thinking of the District and taxpayers.
09/28/2010 5:55AM
School Board Mtg, Like It Matters and True
spell much?
10/02/2010 10:08AM
Who was the student that dropped football?
10/03/2010 10:24AM
who cares
who the hell cares
10/03/2010 9:39PM
nothing better?
i find it highly annoying that people run their mouths on the radio, attempting to air someone's "dirty laundry", whom they don't even know. you sit there and talk about someone you don't even know, not even knowing the full realm of the situation. are there not enough other things of importance to be talked about? to the extent that you feel the need to bash someone publicly on the air? not that you two are new to this...you'll find any poor victim you can just to have something to talk about. i believe the word for that would be PATHETIC
10/04/2010 5:48AM
Please excuse this interruption..
Brenda Frieda, please report to the principal's office.....
10/31/2010 8:02PM
That last post actually made me laugh
04/04/2011 3:05PM
Back to work?
I heard she is coming back to work now. Did she not get convicted??
05/19/2011 6:45AM
I guess I would say if this was the first time it happened I could see about giving her a second chance. However, they stated this was the 2nd time and being found in her car unresponsive.. We are trying to keep our kids safe and trying to teach them notto drink and drive, what example is she setting? I believe she needs treatment and she should not be allowed to be working around our students.
05/19/2011 7:33AM
Not so golden looking in that pic! If she succussfully completes treatment for alcohol abuse then maybe she should return to work.
05/19/2011 7:56AM
back to work really
one time is bad enough but two and now she's back to work on top of everything, any other school district would not have done this. rumor has it she will be working directly with children? supposedly the school cut an admin position but no one knows which one and why is the district paying to bus her children from hilton to holley? which is where they live now. this woman has no business working in a school, she lost that right.
05/19/2011 1:04PM
The bottom line here is if she has been convicted of DWI and what the final disposition of the case is. If she has not - then Holley has little to say about it. Due process is still the rule in the US. I can't find the result of her 2 or 3 arrests on this anywhere. Even then - I can't find any law that bars her from working for the district. Seems you can be an educator with a misdemeanor conviction in NY.
05/19/2011 2:58PM
For Crying Out Loud!
How can any of you say that Kimberly and Beck are bad people for talking about this on the radio and letting her kids hear about it. Why aren't you blaming their mother for doing what she did? She's the one exposing her children to this and she's the one who should be blamed. Maybe if this was her first time, it might be different (but I don't really think so), but this is her 3rd time at bat. If she doesn't want to do the time, don't do the crime! And, she might be a good person as so many people have said, but good people don't put others in danger with their actions. Drunk drivers are the worst and she needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law and lose her job to boot. How can she lead children when she can't even lead her own life responsibly. I'm sick of people being let off because of . . . you fill in the blank. Put her under the jail!
05/19/2011 5:09PM
Part 83 Determination of Good Moral Character
http://www.highered.nysed.gov/tcert/part83.html Section 83.1. Determination of good moral character. (a) Any information indicating that an individual holding a teaching certificate has been convicted of a crime, or has committed an act which raises a reasonable question as to the individual's moral character, shall be referred by the chief school administrator having knowledge thereof to the professional conduct officer of the department. (b) The appropriate official in school districts which by statute are empowered to grant teaching licenses shall notify the professional conduct officer of the revocation, annulment or suspension of any license issued under that authority, together with the reasons therefor. (c) Information in the possession of any person indicating that an applicant for a teaching certificate has been convicted of a crime, or has committed an act which raises a reasonable question as to the individual's moral character, may be referred to the executive director of the Office of Teaching Initiatives of the State Education Department. Information in the possession of any person indicating that an individual holding a teaching certificate has been convicted of a crime, or has committed an act which raises a reasonable question as to the individual's moral character, may be referred to the professional conduct officer of the department. (d) The department shall review the findings and recommendations of hearing panels in hearings on charges against tenured teachers pursuant to Education Law section 3020-a and all such cases involving criminal convictions shall be referred to the professional conduct officer. 8 NY ADC 83.1 8 NY ADC 83.1 2008 WL 75116020 8 NY ADC 83.1 top Section 83.2. Investigation. The professional conduct officer shall direct that an investigation be done of the circumstances surrounding such conviction or act, and shall submit a report of the findings and a recommendation as to whether to proceed to a formal hearing to the State professional standards and practices board for teaching or to a subcommittee of such board, as determined in the bylaws of the board, composed of no fewer than five members approved by majority vote of the board, to consider such reports. 8 NY ADC 83.2 8 NY ADC 83.2 2008 WL 75116021 8 NY ADC 83.2 top Section 83.3. Review by board. If upon review of the report of the professional conduct officer, such board or subcommittee concludes that a certified individual's moral character is adequate to permit continued certification as a teacher, or that an applicant's moral character is adequate to permit certification as a teacher, a report to this effect shall be forwarded by the board or subcommittee to the executive director of the Office of Teaching Initiatives. If upon such review, the board or subcommittee concludes that a substantial question exists as to the moral character of a certified individual or an applicant, notice of the basis for this conclusion and a copy of this Part shall be sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the certified individual or applicant.
05/19/2011 5:11PM
can't seem to find all the articles but there was more
05/19/2011 5:32PM
File a formal complaint to NYS Education Department:
05/19/2011 6:48PM
Freedom of Speech for Everyone! Now, here's my turn.
Looking at both sides of this, there are good arguments. If someone was coming into work drunk or high then they should be fired. However, that is not the case here. This person was over the legal limit on her own personal time. I'm not defending her, but is it possible that she was unaware that she was over the legal limit? Again, I ask myself and ask all of you to look into the past and wonder "Have I ever possibly been over .08 and drove?" Any time someone drinks and drives, txts and drives, eats, puts on makeup, talks on phone, grabs french fry off floor, or speeds, they put others lives at risks, and how many out there are guilty of these things?
05/19/2011 6:50PM
Here's my turn, part 2
Alcoholism and substance abuse usually co-exsist with other mental illnesses. I was appalled at the above comment of someone who said that people with mental illnesses should not work around children. How ignorant! Everyday people suffer from Depression or Anxiety or Mood or even Adjustment disorders. Yes! You can have problems adjusting to stressful life events! Postpardum depression is also a disorder. And people go on working and raising children and have marriages with these disorders. Isn't Pat seeing a therapist? And he works? Good for him! I get frustrated by people that think they can't work and need to go onto disability just because they get anxious at work, or because they are bipolar. Do you know people want to get labeled with bipolar so that they can quit work and go on disability? Here is an administrator, a wife, a mother (and who knows how many other hats she wears) who is trying to meet everyone else's demands. Unfortunately, she forgot about her own needs.
05/19/2011 6:50PM
Here's my turn, part 3
Sometimes we need to take a mental health day or week or even a month when things get out of control. Unfortunately, we as human beings are not proactive about our health - mental and physical. We are reactive. We generally seek help when it's a problem, whether it be depression or cancer. Yes, I put both in the same sentence because emotional health is just as important as physical health. Unfortunately, society has made mental health a taboo subject and we must be "crazy" if we seek a "shrink". Anyhow, condemn her if you must. We are all human. We are not industructable. Life Happens. There is a lot of time, money and energy that goes into obtaining an administrative position, or any management position. I hope that she gets the help that she needs so that she can go back to doing her job.
05/26/2011 12:01AM
For my turn
It is obvious that you are a compassionate and caring person. I for one, appreciate your optimism. However, I have known Brenda for a very long time, and I've never gotten the feeling it's altruism that moves her. Perhaps "my turn" has information we do not. Can you be absolutely sure she was not arriving at work after imibibing a few? What about the commitments she had throughout the school day that Brenda never attended? Where was she? I agree that being caught certainly must change a person's perspective of things. However, Brenda was caught on a DWI with handguns (not her own),threatening to kill herself. Before fully recovering from this incident, many months later, she attacks her own mother - who has done a lot to help Brenda with child care, etc. for many years. After this graduation night incident, Brenda eventually garners the support of her mother who has left town. After this desertion, Brenda again tries to take her own life. After yet another stay in a "secure" ward, Brenda says she is in a program. She continues to draw her 6 digit salary as she is using sick time. One question on that: Did Brenda ever actually report sick time before "the incidents" or did she just not show up? So much for accountability! Brenda's family situtation is strained. She has , unfortunately, moved out of, and is trying to sell her home. As Brenda is sitting home "recuperating," it's important people realize and be reassured that HCSD is taking care of her. Brenda is still on full salary throuh sick days, her family is considered "homeless" which mean they receive free transportation though not living in district, free breakfast and lunch, and apparently, free GCC college courses. Who is paying for the special bussing, et al.? We, the taxpayers are. I applaud Brenda's efforts toward straighteninG everything out. I understand Brenda has made strides toward curing her illness and I applaud her efforts. Everyone does make mistakes and her efforts to correct hers should be noted. That being said, do we really want someone who is OBVIOUSLY still struggling daily to conquer her problems be a principal to our children? How will students react to this? Have the board of education and the administrators REALLY thouht this out? ? Will Brenda be able to garner the same respect she has had from students and parents? So many questions, and this is ust the tip of the iceberg. Wake up, peopl! e
06/16/2011 6:12PM
only in holley
did anyone read the last comment and the employee comments and get an earful of the truth? if not you should. Apparently it is going to be announced at the June Board meeting that she has a job back in Holley, working directly with children no less... So is she going to educate them on to binge drink or whatever.. really that isn't someone I want teaching my children. I honestly don't care if she is nice or not, that isn't the issue. It would be one thing if she did her business outside of school, didn't get arrested or end up in a mental ward, but she did and not just once, it was more then that. Sadly the board could care less, she's their friend as well as the big bald guy who runs the district. I hope everyone complains to NYS once it becomes official. get them out of there.
06/16/2011 6:15PM
can we get some answers?
Kimberly and Beck, can you find out what happened with all of the charges, since our lovely district won't say a word, it would be nice to know and see it reported on the news.. either way she should not be back working at the school, the problem in this town is too many people are afraid to speak up due to their jobs etc. not to mention all those who love their rec hall bartender etc God forbid anyone have an opinion in this town
06/16/2011 6:20PM
give her a chance HA
do you know how many "good people" have messed up in that district and yet only certain ones can keep their job and the reset fired or asked to resign... gee why is that...? hmmmm Brenda continues to bring shame on the district as with some others that should not be working there, but yet again we can all thank the board of morons for that and the community.. how many live in the district and how many actually vote at board meetings? if you have seen the numbers it's pretty sad. most people don't run that should because we all know how it works if you are not the who's who in holley you don't stand a chance, whether you are a child or an adult. what a disgusting town, you people can deny it all you want, but we all know, especially those of us who have lived here many many years, we know how it works.
06/16/2011 6:22PM
part 2 of give her a chance HA
Also, if you are not the who's who and you have messed up,no one in this town or school gives you a second chance.. and honestly she's had more then 2 changes so what makes her so special? hmmmmm think about it... there's alot more to the story and none of it is good.
06/16/2011 11:09PM
I laugh at the people who add their comments, claiming they know Brenda. I have known her for 20 years. This radio station has done nothing but spread lies and misinformation. Yes she has made mistakes and is paying the price through the judicial system. There is no good reason for the school district or community to beat her up even more, except for their own cruel pleasure. There isn't any one out there who wouldn't want a fair chance to move forward and put his/her life back in order.
06/17/2011 9:44AM
well good for her.
she can have her fair chance, just not working with children, find another job elsewhere. WE DON"T WANT HER BACK. The people of the community will take it up with the NYS ed. dept. Holley grow some morals, or is that too much to ask.
06/17/2011 11:24AM
NOTHING is ever done!!!!!!!!!
Kerri Cole had drunken comments and pictures on "my space" (also sexual content) and NOTHING WAS EVER DONE ABOUT THAT!!! (of course she took it all off after people were talking about it). Let's just keep giving people those big paychecks...and not make them accountable for their own action. D'Angelo even knew about that one....He probably liked it!!! (who knows, she could be one of his "girls" too).
06/20/2011 6:22PM
OK here's my two cents:
Everybody stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself. If you see someone who is perfect in every way then God bless you. If you see a human being who has flaws and makes mistakes then work on those and mind your own business. Grow up!!
06/20/2011 10:17PM
Had it with Holley
She's baaaack!!!
06/21/2011 8:12AM
it's official
she is back holley is officially the worst backwards school district
06/21/2011 11:23AM
how do you know?
is it true about her being reinstated? Was this at a recent board meeting? Please share the details...
06/21/2011 8:58PM
Had it with Holley
Can not share details but it was voted on during the closed door session before the regular meeting. Unfortunately the board is made up of a majority of cowards unable to do the right thing.
06/23/2011 10:32AM
not true
the information received was that the above comments are not true. It would be nice of holley to issue a formal response publicly to end the drama on this subject.
07/06/2011 9:35AM
She is walking the halls as we speak...
07/11/2011 7:49AM
07/15/2011 4:55AM
If She Is...
There are codes of ethics for educators. Why isn't NYSED conducting an investigation. I understand the board caved in because of an impending lawsuit. They do every time, instead of taking a stand. I don't care if this person has been found guilty of all charges or not. She hasn't any ethics or morale. As far as the rumors about the superintendent, I don't doubt they are true, but no one has come forward to substantiate any of it. There has always been a cloud of mystery with this school system and especially about the superintendent who won't live in Orleans County and has prevented many local residents from working there. Time will tell I guess as to anything else.
07/19/2011 12:27AM
For Had It With Holley
The school board of education cannot take a "closed door" vote on anything. NYS has something called the "Open Meeting Law." All votes must be taken in public session. Executive sessions are to DISCUSS personel issues. After the discussion, the board must return to general session and take a vote there. Did this happen?
07/19/2011 7:52AM
school board
only the superintendent has the right to request a executive session of the board; however in holley, any board member makes the request to discuss issues that they want kept private. In this way, the public won't know who voted on what or what the issue was. Very hush hush. Also the lawyer is paid to be at every board meeting and has been seen as the superintendent's replacement for many hearings, both of which are totally un-necessary. This is the same lawyer who was caught awhile back by Cuomo (then attorney general) for being on the school district payroll, though he was self-employed. Unfortunately they were forgiven.
09/12/2011 10:27PM
School leadership
It gives me pause when I realize our school leaders are endorsing the integration of Brenda Freida into this new morning P.E. program. I was a bit taken aback when I saw Mrs. Frieda in the middle of the gym holding the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance for all the young elementary students, their siblings, and parents to see. I thought the community was assured Mrs. Frieda's student contact would be limited at best? As I walked my first grader to the classroom, I saw Mrs. Freida again, standing by an inside office door waving and interacting with the children. I believe in second chances, but how many chances are we on now? Is she allowed to carry a weapon, drive, and posses alcohol? What's going on school board members? Or are you just blindly following the party line. We deserve answers.
12/04/2012 4:15PM
DUI and Death
The nicest people in the world have been said to be child molesters, drunks, thieves etc. Everyone always says, "Wow, I can't believe it, they're such a nice person." Yes, they probably are, and so are their children, but that doesn't mean that their "mental illness" or "problem" can't or won't affect others. Let's not enable people that drive drunk by melting it down to something null by saying they're so nice and you've known them all your life, so what. They drove drunk and could have killed you, your child, your parent, your spouse. let's see how ready you are to be compassionate then. I'll bet she's a wonderful person, but not when she's driving drunk.
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