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Hearing for Woman Who Attacked Elderly Walmart Greeter

This person allegedly attacked a 70 year old Walmart greeter.

The question we have, however, is how the hell did she post $40,000 for bail?

A couple of people have told us her church paid the bail money.

If you have any info, please text us at 52545 or call 585-222-2899.

Full story, CLICK THIS.

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01/24/2012 6:37AM
Hearing for Woman Who Attacked Elderly Walmart Greeter
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01/25/2012 9:34AM
non of your buz
Your dumb hillbillies your are so but backwords you dont know your behind from a hole in the ground. The money did not come from that church it came from me. You sit there and you put people down. I know all about your ways and you don't want to gothere with me.
01/26/2012 9:17AM
It was the church
Yes It was the church, I am apart of the church thats how I know.
01/26/2012 2:07PM
Yeah right.
Anyone that has uses English that poorly would never have 40 grand to bail anyone out of jail..
01/27/2012 10:08AM
The Church
Has the money and The New Life Church bailed her out
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