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Guest Blogger Friday-Juicy

It's my favorite day of the week on rochesterbuzz.com! Guest Blogger Friday today falls during Rochester Fasion Week. (!!!) Nice.  I'm wearing my favorite track suits and freshly polished gold chains exclusively for the next 7 days. It's also more than appropriate that today's article sees Alex Lillig defending my fasion idictment of Uggs and pants with writing across the ass.  Ladies, it's my firm belief you should never wear pants with words across the ass.  Your ass should speak for itself.  What say you, Alex?

Should Your Hiney Say 'Juicy'?
I’m going to use a phrase here that makes me throw up in my own mouth but I ripped this “guest Blogger Friday” headline direct from the …here it comes….Twitter-verse. (ew) I feel like it’s a subject that can use some female perspective. So, should we be allowed to wear sweatpants with writing on the heiny? I say yes.  Truthfully I believe that if we want to feel better about ourselves and get our posterior a little more attention than usual what is so wrong with that?  When my bottom has writing on it, it IS because I want you to read it. Is it the most attractive thing we can wear? No. But gentleman, not everything we wear is for you. The lacey little something from Saturday night was definitely for you, my Sunday morning sweatpants are not.

That also includes our footwear. Because somehow sweat pants with writing on the butt are synonymously connected to Ugg boots.  Probably because we’re often seen wearing them together, and again I argue that 1. I didn’t buy them for you and 2. Like the sweatpants, they’re comfortable!


With all the good points about Juicy heiny’s and Ugg boots, and there are a lot, I can agree that there is a time and place to wear them. Just as we want you guys out there to put away the football jersey when we go out at night; we too should leave the house without our backsides looking like a subway tunnel while we hit the mall or PTA meeting. Put some freakin jeans on! (And if you really can’t part with your Uggs make sure they’re bootcut) I don’t care if the Kardashians do it, you should not. 

The bottom line here really is, we’re going to keep rocking Juicy heiny’s  and Ugg boots without caring if you like them. Because I believe it doesn’t matter what we wear, you’ll still sleep with us.   

(Editor note: We as men have heard ALL of the excuses. "But they're comfortable!" "Everybody's wearing them!" Look, some harsh realities are in order:  a woman's foremost responsibility, outside of the kitchen/laundry room, is to look cute...and as often as possible, f*ckworthy. Uggs make women look cheap. Like three-bounced-checks-and-an-eviction-notice-away-from-having-to-blow-Billy-Joe-in-the-cabin-of-his-big-rig-for-dashboard-change-and-some-smokes cheap.)  

Uggs repulsive Summer cousin

Alex Lillig is a local producer of fine radio and TV programming. Sometimes she's a total moron...in fishnets. Follow Alex on Twitter.

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10/07/2011 8:55AM
Guest Blogger Friday-Juicy
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