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Guest Blogger Friday-Guilty

We're gonna take a sharp turn on today's Guest Blogger Friday.  Lizz Polvino volunteered to write a piece on her favorite guilty pleasures.  You may or may not be able to relate.  It's a sharp turn because, for the most part, I try not to glorify the obsessions of the general population (gen pop).  But, Liz is wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey in her Twitter avatar and I have never been able to say 'no' to a girl in a hockey jersey.

I Can't Deny It

10 guilty pleasures

Thought my years I have seen my guilty pleasures take quite the change. When I was younger it was putting as many war heads in my mouth as I can and seeing how long I could last without spitting them out or crying. (Obviously I went for the lemon flavored ones) Playing chubby bunny with marshmallows because it was the funniest thing in the world. Or playing my gameboy until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer and trading games, or playing with pogs and convincing all the boys at school to trade me for their better ones. 

Now guilty pleasures have turned onto, watching the latest episode of Jersey Shore just so I can laugh at them or am I laughing with them and wishing I was apart of that? Is it really that great to be infested with spray tans and tequila crusting in my hair? Why do I sit there and get excited every Thursday and actively watch it with a group of people?  I find myself saying “yeahhhh buddy” or “Cabs are here”…Great, I have not gained any intelligence from watching the show…but can’t stop won’t stop

Facebook, another guilty pleasure, why do I care what other people are actually doing? I never cared before but now that they posted up new pictures and updated their status I got to know what they are doing or who they are doing. Who is single who isn’t single? Facebok I think we can agree may ruin a lot of relationships. I mean I got dumped over the book and I didn’t even know until my best friend facebook stalked me and called me and let me know. Speaking of which, when did facebook stalking become the norm of a guilty pleasure, pretty sure that stalking is still creepy and weird yet its okay if we do it online…

This goes a long with Twitter. Love it. Hate it. Can’t keep up. Want more followers. Best people to follow. (@MikeDanger989) The amount of time spent on twitter if I had spent that in my studies growing up I would be on scholarship to any school I wanted to go to…

Cosmopolitan magazine, sure I want to know 50 tips to a better healthy sex life style, or how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days, or whatever the head lines may be. Whos hot whos not, who wore it better, dating tips etc. Gosh with these new tips maybe I will be the next icon, thanks cosmopolitan for putting these thoughts in my head.  Do I want anyone to know that I actually read this magazine and not just look at the pictures for styling tips (which is my excuse)? Heck no. Some way some how I get roped into that nonsense, and maybe even believe it for a little bit.

124 years of repackaging 6 basic positions

Miley Cyrus, party in the USA. Put the song on around 2:30 am on a Saturday night and you’ll find that every guy knows the words and is telling you to turn the music up and not to turn that garbage off. 

Urbandictonary.com definitely a guilty pleasures that I cannot give up. For some reason I find it comical to look up random words and see what the new definitions they are these days then use them in my everyday conversations. Lets just say that an “angry pirate” is not actually a pirate that is angry..

Cell phones, I rarely find someone who is with out one. You got everything you need on there, up dates, pictures, the weather, scores to your favorite team, stats. The list goes on, but my favorite part about having a cell phone is when you go through someone else’s and find all the pictures they have on there and you see the ones that they have sent out… no wonder Brett Favre and Senator Wiener got in trouble, they dabbled into the guilty pleasure of their cell phone a little too much. It went from sending a love note, to sexting…

Late night street meat on the weekends, it is a weakness. Trying to be on some health kick? Ha who are you kidding when it comes to the weekend you’re in line for the best street meat around town. I know I am ready to stuff my face. Why is it though when we eat street meat, we think it’s the best thing we have ever had? That food was probably sitting there for weeks, its probably the worst grade or meat you can buy and most likely not sanitary. However, when it comes to a Friday night, you betcha you can catch me in line chatting it up with the local street vender.

Halloween, what a guilty pleasure it has become. It went from dressing up like a pumpkin to the wicked witch of the west to, a sexy pumpkin or the sexy witch from the west. We all comment about it yet, we all do it even if we aren’t the “naughty kitty” for Halloween. We love to hate it, and we hate to love it. It is our excuse to pretend we’re something we’re not and to act out of character. I thought being a box of wine was a great idea, who is going deny playing slap the bag? Halloween, no complains here, I do not mind enjoying the show.

Pictured: Sluts

Sunday Funday. Wings. Who can deny football, beer, and wings on a Sunday? With the Bills being great this year, and football being back, its hard to not act like a Sunday is  your Saturday. Is it just me or do I eat an obscene amount of wings on a Sunday more than any other day. The brew is flowing the wings are crispy, if loving Sunday funday is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right. The only minor detail is Monday work is at 8 am, but everyone should understand right? They would if they are a real American..

Dollar Beer and hot dog night at the Amerks game. Rumor has it that this no longer exist. I say that is crazy talk. Microwave hot dogs, 8oz cups of beer, is one guilty pleasure I cannot deny. Will I show up an hour before the game just to get my fix? Will I be a better fan for the Amerks because of it? Well let me answer those questions with a question; Is there a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow? Go Amerks.

Guilty Pleasures, can’t live with them, and I definitely do not want to live without them.

Approves of this article.  Also, swallows.

Lizz is a self-proclaimed maverick who loves to play air guitar.  Follow her on Twitter here.

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10/21/2011 9:02AM
Guest Blogger Friday-Guilty
Please Enter Your Comments Below
10/21/2011 9:21AM
So many things led me to NOT finish this.... spelling and grammar... horrible run-on sentences... at least spell check your sh*t! You wait for that college scholarship, honey... Next!
10/21/2011 9:32AM
Did the captions make you smile, at least? -Danger
10/21/2011 9:35AM
Truth, dont really care about the spelling and grammar thought it was funny anyways
10/21/2011 9:54AM
No need to wait. I already graduated with 2 degrees, honey. It was a random blog that I wrote quickly. So spare me. - Liz
10/21/2011 10:09AM
................ is an idiot
buddy, relax, it's the internet, not a research paper. BRING BACK $1 DOG AND $1 BEER
10/21/2011 10:09AM
i enjoyed it! could relate to umm...all of it :) spelling and grammar not really an issue for a last-minute guilty pleasures blog its just a fun read!
10/21/2011 10:15AM
Who cares about the run-on sentences, honestly. You are one to speak considering your rude comment. Not only does that go to show that you, yourself need to take English 101 in college again but actual took the time to bash a successful woman that was given a great opportunity to start on a new career path. Elizabeth, I thought it was hysterical! Great 'Guilty Pleasures,' that not many people would even be able to openly admit. I would love to continue to read a blog written by you. It was short, made me smile and truly speaks to our generation in today's society. xo
10/21/2011 10:47AM
team lemon.
Isn't the point of a blog to just write about how you feel and not worry about run on sentences or spelling and grammar? I loved it liz. Clearly this person is just mad because they are to concerned about people writing perfect blogs then to be outPartying in the USA with Miley Cyrus on a saturday night. Sucks for them.
10/21/2011 11:13AM
Sorry I agree
It's bad when I have to read a sentence three times to understand what someone is trying to say. I think the Jersey Shore is killing your brain cells.
10/21/2011 11:49AM
The sIut in the middle is definitely a dude, Danger.
10/21/2011 1:34PM
3, 1, 5, 2, 4. -Danger
10/21/2011 2:06PM
Haha thanks for the comments. Jersey shore is not killing my brain cells bud. Also, I'm sorry I'm not sorry for not editing, putting the comma, and period in the respectable places. It was random, done in about 30 minutes, and I was not expecting to be wring an essay. I'm sure that the 3.8 average I obtained in college would shut you up along with 2 college degrees and a minor. Oh sorry, I forgot I was an honor student as well.
10/24/2011 6:42AM
RE: oops
Sorry, but I agree with ............., this was just bad. If you have the education you say you have, you should be ashamed to put this junk on here. I didn't finish the blog either, it didn't interest me in the least. Danger - maybe you should write your own blogs and not depend on morons who aren't the least bit interesting. Whoever thought this was funny or thought provoking needs to get a life. I'm also tired of people who think punctuation and good grammar aren't necessary. Whether it took you 10 minutes or several hours to write, if you want people to read your run on junk, at least have the decency of writing correctly!
10/24/2011 9:24AM
Here's the thing...
I write as often as I can, but it's a challenge to make the time for it every day. Plus, I can't tell you with any certainty that my writing is any better or worse than what Liz provided for us on this article. Guest blogger Friday takes all kinds. While this may not have been on the same level as other entries, I can tell you it generated more reaction than any other post. -Danger
10/25/2011 9:58AM
I am edge-u-macated. Me english good! Time to go aliens here for me, they need need highly sophisticated life form. I won! Going to mass bread da universe. Hey you guuuyyys,,,Rocky Road!
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