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Guest Blogger Friday-Get Bent

Guest Blogger Friday is back with a vengeance.  Today, my pal Greg channels his inner anger on topics ranging to the minor inconveniences that we as a society blow out of proportion, to delicious late night treats that trump the arrival of ANY national franchise coming to our area. 

Apple lost one of its co-founders last week. He loved black turtlenecks and mom jeans and he was amazing at what he does and he changed the world and many will miss him. Fast forward to Wednesday at 1 EST…I’m glad he wasn’t around for the online shit storm that happened.

Now if you don’t own a “newish” Idevice (I didn’t think an IPhone was newish but his mother was newish so there you go) or any Apple product you wouldn’t know that there was an update to IOS5.  I happen to own iPod touches, MacBook pro and an IPad 2. Guess what if you followed the instructions and upgraded your version of ITunes before you downloaded the IOS5 update it worked flawlessly. If you didn’t you got an error. (Waaaah) Even if you didn’t get an error it was slow to download for some folks. (Waaah). 

Instead of thinking about why things could be delayed (zillions of updates at once…go figure) people flipped out and headed straight to their favorite social media outlet and cursed this amazing new software that was ruining there day/life/killed the cat/ate the last cupcake.  It took a day…holy shit did you actually have to have a real face-to-face conversation with someone because of that? It must have been just awful.  Blackberry’s also crapped out nation wide Wednesday…remember those things that actually had keys….yeah me either. Please to be watching Louis CK “everything is amazing & nobody is happy” Amazing technology is wasted on this DB generation.

Occupy Main Street Rochester
Band of Rebels…you protested in front of a bank on Main St on Columbus Day, which in case you forgot is a bank holiday. I can reach more people yelling out my bedroom window…nice effort though.

 Trader Joes is coming to Pittsford Plaza OMGWTFUN!!!!
Here is what you can look forward to if you’ve never been to one!

Trader Joes is basically a nicer less German version of ALDI. The employees wear Hawaiian shirts; stock some interesting items and they ring bells instead of using an intercom. (How many rings for a lost kid is it by the way?) It’s got a lot of organic products but so does every other store in town. If you like a decent cup of coffee and many people you look like Mr. Shoop in “Summer School” then head to Pittsford Plaza next year…you know that shopping center that’s right next to Uber Wegmans.

The only thing anyone should really care about coming to this town is Mighty F’ing Taco. Mighty Taco and Buy Buy Baby (I have twins they have needs and I can’t always wait for subscribe and save from Amazon Mom) are the only two reasons I will ever need to go anywhere near the 7th circle of hell known as Jefferson Road.

Quick story to leave you with on the last time I was in Henrietta. There was a guy wearing a Nickelback t-shirt and he wasn’t being ironic so I hit him with my car. Feel free to switch the Nickelback with Creed in the above story and it still would have ended the same way.

All the best and get bent.

Greg Hunt is the undisputed, uncontested, undefeated, unified World Heavyweight Champion.  He enjoys fishing for elusive giant squid, warm milk, and feathered hairstyles.  Follow Greg on Twitter and beg for mercy.


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10/14/2011 9:09AM
Guest Blogger Friday-Get Bent
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