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Kimberly and Beck

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Glamor Shots of Bishop Joe Flowers....

He was convicted of molesting a young child... his nephew actually. There are more kids coming forward now as well.

Here's the pictures...

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07/21/2011 8:51AM
Glamor Shots of Bishop Joe Flowers....
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07/21/2011 8:54AM
Not so professional when the photographer didn't even crop out the tripod or the edge of the screen. smh
07/21/2011 9:02AM
Is he looking to release a rap album?!? What a DOUCHE'!!!
07/21/2011 9:42AM
Kimberly,My heart just sank when I listened to your comments this morning stating that you belived Flowers is gay...come on Kimberly gay/straight why would that matter? He is a full of himself pedophile period. When a rape occurs do we say "he raped a women and he is straight" no we don't. What you did was perpetuate hatred and prejudice, which we know could contribute to hate crimes commited by people who think as you expressed as well as teenage suicide for our bi, gay transgendered teens who are being terriorized by hate. please give your beliefs some serious and thoughtful consideration.
07/21/2011 3:11PM
Love the show but, have to disgree about your comments on pedophiles....
In your discussion this morning (7/20/11) on the Bishop Flowers molestation charges, Kimberly said that all pedophiles are Gay. You do a disservice to Gay citizens when you make a blanket statement like that Kimberly! No, not all pedophiles are Gay! If you checked the website childsafetips.com, as well as, the FBI site on child molesters, you will find verifiable facts and stats to support that this is not the case: (below is an excerpt from childsafetips.com:) "...There are both heterosexual and homosexual pedophiles, but there are far more heterosexual pedophiles than homosexuals. In fact, the ratio is 11:1. Pedophiles make every effort to be around children. They choose professions that will allow them to interact with children in their preferred age range; such as youth pastors (or Bishops in a church in this case!), Boy Scout Leaders, coaches, teachers, child-care providers, counselors,etc...." So, please Kimberly, look at your facts before you make a dangerous statement like that again. Thank you! Still a fan!!
07/21/2011 4:06PM
Is this guy serious with these pictures....? What man of the church has "glamour shots" taken, and with church money? If he spent church money on photos who knows what else he's used the church money for! There's definitely some sugar in that tank! Just look at him WTF
07/22/2011 8:18AM
What a...
07/22/2011 8:48AM
07/22/2011 9:54AM
This is what Religion is coming to.
This is the product of ministers wanting to be like Rob Bell. He is a minister (I think in Ohio) He started doing stuff like this and everyone is trying to copy him. It is called being relevant. Maybe if were cool, people will come to church philosophy.
07/22/2011 6:52PM
He is a freak of nature cut his nuts off truelly by the looks of these pic he is gay an derserves to burn in hell.
07/26/2011 12:27PM
he got what he deserved
My son had an encounter with Joe Flowers. Like all the other victims he prayed on boys who were young, lost and looking for a male direction in a father figure. My experience with him was that he tried to take advantage of the fact my son had no dad and soon Joe Flowers wanted him to call him dad. OK, I thought because he had a son the same age as my son maybe he was into helping boys that had no father. Wrong... then he asked me if my son had gay tendencies, then he started trying to undermine me as a parent. finally I told him to stay away from my son, after he had him driving his car. He is fake, and I compare him to Eddie Long
07/26/2011 12:30PM
He is a pervert
He is a fake preacher, and his wife had to know something was up!!! Why would I let my husband sleep in the bed naked with boys Whats up with that??
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