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Girl Denied Access to Prom...

...beause her boobs were too revealing. Brittany Minder of Washington State.

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06/05/2013 7:08AM
Girl Denied Access to Prom...
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06/05/2013 8:23AM
Prom dress
The dress doesn't look that bad.
06/05/2013 8:55AM
prom dress malfunction
yeah from the side!!! i have a teenage girl and over my dead body would she go with that. im big chested as is my kid and i argue with her that tank tops and and that are way over the line. it attracts and the wrong kinda people. even if she put a halterstrap on it or altered it to pull up it would still show the beading but not the tits
06/05/2013 2:17PM
Prom Dress
Even though I have no children, this could be a potential very serious problem. First of all parents especially mothers has the final say in this matter. I don`t care if the teenager is short, tall, petite, a little on the heavy side, the dress issue should be up to the parents. Teeenagers should remember they are under their parent`s roof. End of story. This is why there are rules of the school`s dress code. So I totally agree with the school policy.
06/05/2013 9:08PM
Prom dress
The dress could be a little less revealing. She should have gotten better dress to cover up her chest. I do like the color and beaning!! However it is too revealing!!
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