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Geneseo Student Almost Dies at Party

ALLEGEDLY, there was a party at the SUNY Geneseo Soccer House. A girl drank too much and the boys who live there tried to saying there wasn't someone there who had drank too much. Whoops, because there was, and she was almost dead.

Full story, CLICK HERE.

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12/15/2010 7:20AM
Geneseo tudent Almost Dies at Party
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12/15/2010 9:52AM
I'm listening to your college callers and am literally sickened. "good people" do not obstruct someone recieving life saving medical treatment, a 10 year old knows better than that, I'm also not buying a college student did not know the difference between right and wrong . If they truly did not know she was there than why not let the police look in the house rather than monkey around telling stories for an hour?? Those boys parents should be ashamed they never taught them common decency for human life or the difference between right and wrong.
12/15/2010 10:16AM
Credit where credit's due
We heard on your show this morning how this case is getting "no" coverage in the local media and how it's somehow being covered up. Yet, there was a story last week in the Livingston County News which you link to on your site. Guess how we penetrated this "cover-up" to get to the bottom of things? We got a press release from the police chief, gave him a call and he told us everything we needed to know. Come on, guys! There's no cover-up, and the local media is all over it. Here's a link to our follow-up story, with more details about the case.
12/15/2010 10:17AM
Follow-up link
Follow-up story here: http://thelcn.com/?p=11551 Mark Gillespie, Editor The Livingston County News
12/15/2010 7:57PM
Geneseo Student!
I listened to your show this morning about this and I was shocked as a Geneseo senior I had nto heard of this at all. The students who were calling in were completely ridiculous and SUNY Geneseo is considered to be the best SUNY school and more like a private institution at least for the education majors. I can not believe that people that are this stupid actually got into Geneseo. We all aren't this dumb! Keep us posted on the results of this story!
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