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Genesee Brewery Stopped By!!!

Thanks so much to these lovely ladies for bringing us a sample of the new, throwback Genny cans!!! Good to see that the people at North American breweries understand Rochester and know our roots!!!

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05/05/2011 9:32AM
Genesee Brewery Stopped By!!!
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05/05/2011 11:37AM
I like there cans
05/05/2011 11:42AM
The Brewery Rocks! :)
My son has worked there a year now, he loves it there, he says everyone is so nice! But the hours are long right now 12-14 hr days at 6 to 7 days a week at different shifts until they hire some more people, must be ALOT of people drinking beer now days! lol ;)
05/05/2011 2:16PM
are u guys doing a rock the cans concert this yr my sons and i loved last yrs
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