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Gates Hates Dogs?

Town makes a 2 dog limit: http://www.13wham.com/news/local/story/Gates-Residents-Surprised-Over-Two-Dog-Limit/rqWfk94i70uw_YjtT5LqYQ.cspx

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10/05/2010 6:53AM
Gates Hates Dogs?
Comment here...
10/05/2010 9:07AM
Gates stinks!
How can we get in touch with Trish? I live in Gates and plan to be at the November 1 meeting! I want to support the dogs!!! We have 2 rescue dogs and frankly I like them more than some people.
10/05/2010 9:51AM
People, not Gates stinks
I also live in Gates, have three dogs, and also licensed three dogs at one time and it didn't get noticed. I too plan on being at the meeting in November, would also like to get in touch with Trish.
10/05/2010 10:49AM
I hate gutless neighbors who wont use thier names or have the guts to come and talk to you about it...
10/05/2010 11:16AM
Yes, I agree, a neighbor called another one and complained about my dogs barking, she knows me, and talks to me all the time, but didn't have the guts, or the smarts to come to me directly, now her dog is the one barking all the time.
10/07/2010 1:14AM
what time is the meeting?
i am trying to get a bunch of people to go to the meeting on november first. what time is it at?
10/07/2010 2:42PM
I'll be there..
but to support the law instead. Law is the law. Are we allowed to ignore the laws as we see fit?
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