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Florida Governor Wants Drug Testing for Welfare

Can we get this in New York please? How many of you are sick and tired of people collecting off of your tax money while doing drugs and sitting on their ass?


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06/02/2011 8:07AM
Florida Governor Wants Drug Testing for Welfare
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06/02/2011 8:35AM
Okay so this is amazing lets get this to NYS NOW!
06/02/2011 8:36AM
Lets get this in NYS now. We have plenty of ppl that are on welfare that are on drugs just look at them
06/02/2011 8:43AM
Florida Governor has the right idea
I whole heartedly agree with the Florida governor!!! I'm priting out the article and mailing it with a letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo today!! I'm going to suggest he adopt the same idea AND put a limit on the number of children per household that can be on welfare to two.
06/02/2011 5:47PM
Florida Governor Wants Drug Testing for Welfare
Kimberly and Beck, first off, I listen everyday while driving across the state, and Love when you guys hit the "there was No picture Tooken" button, I laugh everytime. On this topic I would think with All the other laws NYS HAS implemented This would be MANDATORY ,and probably save the state alot of money in the long run cause ALOT would fail the test, but just like anything people would find a way around it, but at least it's a start, I'm ALL for it. Thanks for listening John M. Buffalo NY.
06/02/2011 8:28PM
drug testing is a good idea
think they should have it in ALL states
06/03/2011 6:23AM
I think it is a great idea. New York should do it. We'd save millions every year!!! I can't even tell you, though how many cheaters of the system would come out. They already buy cleansers when their parole officers come over to give themdrug tests. It's a good idea, but people will try to beat it - especially if they know it's coming!
06/03/2011 3:19PM
good idaer
I think its a good idea But new york will not do it because a lot of people on welfar vote and they do not want to lose there vote.
06/03/2011 4:52PM
Great Idea...Now NY has to get on board!
Many Businesses require drug testing for employees, great idea for welfare receipients! Despite the cost of administering the test it will save millions in the long run! Plus I heard Kimberly say only give x amount of money when you have a child on welfare and no more $ no matter how many more children you have. I agree totally. If you can't afford to support yourself, don't have children.
06/04/2011 9:11AM
drug testing for welfare
florida is not the first state to try this wisconsin tried to pass a law like this but the U.S. supreme court said it violated the fourth admenment of the constitution your right to have somebody else pay for your drugs right I GUESS
06/04/2011 9:20AM
florida not first state to try this
wisconsin tried to pass this law but U.S. supreme court declared it a violation of the fourth amendment your right to have somebody else pay for your drugs right I guess
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