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East Rochester Officer Charged with DWI

"The Monroe County Sheriff's Office says a pickup truck driven by Sgt. Paul Monachino crashed head-on into a mini-van near the intersection of Fairport Road and Marsh Road around 12:30 a.m.  When deputies got to the scene, they found an off-duty Sgt. Monachino sitting on a guardrail."


Details: CLICK HERE.

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06/15/2011 6:57AM
East Rochester Officer Charged with DWI
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06/15/2011 8:45AM
you are dumb asses
First of all get the story straight before you open your big mouths on the air. I agree what Paul Monachino did was wrong but what does his marital status have to do with it? I am a 39 yr old east rochestarian who graduated with both steve clancy and Paul monachino,both very great people. Pauls wife served him with divorce papers and the kid has been devastated since it happen so the fact that he has a girlfriend and is moving on with his life has nothing to do with what happen the other night. Also there was a full investigation done on the accident 13 years ago which I personally testified and he was found to NOT be driving the car! John Tando was a great guy but unfortuantely could not pass ther chief exam (some people are not good test takers) so that is why Steve was moved to the chief position, Nothing underhanded was done, It makes me irate that the 2 of you get off on making people look bad and you dont even know the whole truth. Why dont you try looking at your own dysfunctioanl lives (kimberly) your voice makes me cringe!
06/15/2011 9:15AM
Some facts for ya. Chief Clancy and Sgt Monacino went to school together thats true. However they are not friends, they don't hang out, they don't play golf together. They are co-workers . One was a Sgt on midnights and one a Sgt on mornings. The County has the car wreck investigation not ER. So no cover up story there, sorry. I don't think Clancy was even a cop when Monachino's first wreck happened. As far as Tando and the Chief situation. Tando got handed all the ranks from Sgt up to Chief, never passed a test for any of them is what i've heard several times. And where oh where was Monachino coming from that night. From a party that Ex-Chief Tando was having in Fairport with an open bar. And if i heard right the new chief never stopped in at the bar in fairport. The fairport Chief I believe failed the first time she took the test. She passed the second and that is why she is in office still. Tando got left alone twice after failing and the third time someone else passed so he got replaced. He is still a Lt and ranking officer in the PD. So i don't think he got that bad of a deal.
06/15/2011 10:17AM
I have to wonder why wasnt anything reported as it normally is in DWI arrests. what his BAC was or if he refused the breath test and he he refused why wasnt he charged for that as well. And also if he refused the breath test why wasnt he charged under the common law that is usually associated with this charge why he wasnt charged with that as well? could this be the Brotherhood?
06/16/2011 7:38AM
I really can't believe that this made like page four of yesterdays D&C , but in todays paper front local is all about new ER police chief , did it mention that these people were all at Shooters celabrating the night of the crash NO.
06/16/2011 4:17PM
Did you know Hayden Walsh's father is or was an East Rochester policeman. Maybe he was at the same party w/Monachino
06/17/2011 4:03AM
Here is some info for you to show you just how unreliable some of your idiot callers are
http://www.monroecounty.gov/?q=hr/lists/applicants/AAHLH just click the the activity arrow.
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