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Kimberly and Beck

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EXCLUSIVE: Kimberly and Beck Release Birth Certificates

Note... Beck's last name is blanked out to protect his kids. Sorry.

Kimberly's Birth Certificate...

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04/28/2011 7:15AM
EXCLUSIVE: Kimberly and Beck Release Birth Certificates
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04/28/2011 8:21AM
that explains a lot
It's hilarious that she was born at a SANITARIUM/HOSPITAL.....that explains a lot....about her mother and her.....bahahahahahahahaha!!!!
04/28/2011 8:22AM
LOL, how appropriate - a Sanitarium.... lol
04/28/2011 10:16PM
haha wow i was thinking the same thing. HOW APPROPRIATE.. definitely explains alot!
04/29/2011 9:17AM
Kay Ray
Did your parents want your name to rhyme?
04/30/2011 9:37PM
I have the same middle name and when I tell people "kay" they think I mean the letter and they say so OK what is the rest!
05/06/2011 10:53AM
Kimberly is a sloppy pig
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