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Dude Has 100 Pound Scrotum

so... yeah. He's got a 100 pound growth on his junk. It keeps growing too, it hasn't stopped.

Surgery could make him be without a penis or nuts. 

A doctor said he can save his penis, but Nevada health care won't cover it because it's technically plastic surgery.


Help him out, benefitballsack@yahoo.com (That's a real address)

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10/19/2011 6:48AM
Dude Has 100 Pound Scrotum
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10/19/2011 7:15AM
Nevada health care
So does that mean women in Nevada can't have reconstructive breast surgery after a mastectomy because that too is plastic surgery? And if they do, then this blows for gender equality.
10/19/2011 12:25PM
Only a fat a## N would come up with this
10/20/2011 2:02AM
dont bust his nuts he is not in the mood
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