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Dansville Police Chief Asked to Resign

Paid himself $44,000 extra... whoops. So we went from town employees stealin' gas to this...

Full story, CLICK HERE.

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10/22/2010 6:51AM
Dansville Police Chief Asked to Resign
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10/22/2010 11:56AM
dansville police chief
please get a hold of me for all the info on the chief from 5 yrs ago when he filed false papers at the hospital and the violation of civil rights my email is mel0367@msn.com and phone number is {585} 335-3808
10/22/2010 12:20PM
Understand your facts before jumping to conclusions
I would like to comment, saying I wish the facts were in order before articles like this one are published and then spoke about on the radio. It makes it look as if the Danville Police Chief is stealing money from a town he has much pride in. If vacation time is not used by any of the officers including the Chief, it can be sold back to the town. This is not something that the Chief took upon himself to do. This has been allowed and known about even before the current Chief has held this position, the former Police Chief had done the same. As to the reason that the Chief was asked to resign has to do with an underlying issue with a board member who doesn't particularly care for the Cheif, not the ridiculous idea that he has stolen from the town. I wish people would take the time to look into the entire story, instead of jumping on something that could be turned into a scandal and gives people something to talk about. For people who know Charlie Perkins, know that he is extremely dedicated to our village and the service he has provided for 24 years. He works well over his 40 hours a week, has taken minimal vacation time, acutally cut an officer position in order to save our village money, covers any time off for the other officers knowing he will not get paid, has often put his job as number one to ensure our village is safe and his department is run with his high expectations. I am able to say all of this with much confidence since I am his daughter and I am extremely appauled that people would even entertain the idea that my father would steal from our village. I hope everyone takes the time to learn and understand the entire truth instead of jumping to conclusions as you have.
10/22/2010 6:09PM
More Facts
The Village Board may want to read the contract that they signed in 2009. It allows for the sell back of part of the officers unused vacation time. This has been in the contracts between the Village and the Officers for over 30 years...
10/27/2010 3:48PM
Dansville Trustee Questions Unfair and Misleading Depiction
I was greatly disturbed, personally and as a Dansville Village Trustee, to hear the accusations and misinformation concerning our Police Chief. We as a Board at no time considered any actions by our Police Chief as being out of line. We were merely trying to clear up ambiguities concerning employee benefits and to update recording procedures. The $44,000 referred to is a legitimate payback for vacation time over the past eleven years. Our Police Chief has done nothing that should remotely be compared to gas theft or any other wrongdoing. It's irresponsible and a travesty to defame the reputation of an individual who has worked so many years to better our community. He's not only done an excellent job as police chief, but also has devoted personal time to many community volunteer programs. For personal reasons, one trustee on our board called for the police chief's resignation. This is unrelated to the routine discussion of vacation buyback policy. As a responsible radio station in trust of the public airwaves, and in the spirit of fairness and professionalism, please readdress this issue and right a wrong. Thank you. Don Sylor Dansville Village Trustee
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