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Dansville Man Arrested... Tried Escaping Police

First off, we think his name is Dan VanSkiver, NOT VanSkiven as the news said... allegedly anyway. Secondly, Kimberly sae the chase happen!


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01/18/2011 7:39AM
Dansville Man Arrested... Tried Escaping Police
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01/18/2011 8:19AM
i bet he wasnt bleeding black and gold when they finally caught him.
01/18/2011 9:28AM
Steelers fan.
01/18/2011 3:09PM
Had to laugh when you had Mark O'Donnell on this morning. Ask Mark when the last time he has done any real police work? He is purely nothing more than the PIO for the State Police. I would love to see what he does in a 40 hour work week. Put his lazy rear end back on the road with the rest of them.
01/19/2011 12:37PM
i know him
this winner has ran from the police numerous times, he's from geneseo, he once got released on parole after spending time in prison for, what else, running from the police, he was only on parole for 6 days before he got in another high speed chase with cops and was locked up again, way to go smarty
01/20/2011 7:59PM
Yep it is VanSkiver
I know his dad - wow - the apple didn't fall far from the tree. That is pretty sad
07/29/2011 10:28AM
thats my brother
yo like seriously this is my blood brother and im here to say to u news people....reporters....and whoever commented on here its ok to talk when somebody is locked up i no how it is hence ive been locked up a bunch ity aint no thang....what matters is when ur gunna grow up and start flying rite and when u run away they cant run they gotta use a dam radio...lol u aint gotta worry bout me homies i dont drive..much love and bro hold ur head maybe when u get out we can go show these po po how to drive....
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