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Couple Saves Man From Burning Car, But...

Here's the kicker: the guy this couple saved, who are deeply religious, are helping him out financially and spiritually. He was high on drugs when he hit the victim head on and has a history of criminal charges. Ok, that's fine, but the victim who had severe injuries and has $20,000 worth of medical bills is receiving nothing.

She did nothing wrong. She has pins holding her hips together. She was training to be a nurse and now she can never be one because of her injuries. Hell, she got married in a wheelchair! Yet, no one is helping her out.

Fully story, CLICK THIS.

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10/10/2011 9:22AM
Couple Saves Man From Burning Car, But...
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10/10/2011 9:26AM
Wrong person is being helped?
This couple should not be criticized for helping the man who caused this accident. He would have died if it weren't for them. If they can help turn his life around - more power to them. I do feel for the lady who was badly hurt in the other car,but to wish death on this guy - wrong. She needs help too but don't blame this couple for her problems. They did what they felt they had to at the time.
10/10/2011 9:44AM
No One WIshed Death...
We never said he should die and we said on the air the couple should have saved his life and were right to do so. But to completely ignore the needs of this woman, who is a victim of the man's poor decisions, is ridiculous. The people are heroes for saving a life but they are wrong to not help the victim.
10/10/2011 10:06AM
Has he really changed???
If this guy has changed so much and has a better purpose then why would he even let these people help him knowing what he has done to this girl? He should voluntarily give up the money to give to this young woman whose life has been dramatically changed because of his actions that night....that would tell me he has changed and has a better purpose......and he will be able to get a hearing aid in prison......free of charge.....put the money where it really needs to go....
10/10/2011 10:52AM
OK, but....
What infuriates me is that I am sure all of his medical bills were paid for by you & I, and this poor victim is now stuck with $20k of bills by no fault of her own. Kudo's for the couple that saved the man, BUT.....I can not feel one bit sorry for him. Drugs, leaving his child home alone, sorry but no sympathy here. And now he is probably on disability (you're welcome again) because of his stupidity. Turning your life around is wonderful...but maybe all your efforts should be going towards helping the other driver who asked for none of this.
10/10/2011 12:00PM
Please re-think.
I get the fact they want to help out this man, obviously they have developed a connection with him and want him to be able to turn his life around. But, how about they send the woman he hurt the money they were going to spend on the man's hearing aids? He made a conscious choice to drive while drunk and high. She did not chose to be in the accident and yet has to suffer the effects. I hope you re-think your decision. You can still support him with your time and love without allowing him to benefit monetarily from the accident.
10/10/2011 1:08PM
understand this...
I commend them for saving a man's life, but that is where it ends. I don't commend the things they're doing now. for being christian people.. they've obvously only looked to one side of the ball park.. and not the real victim's side. He is 100% the total cause of what happend to me... and how is it that he gets people to give him money and pay his medicial bills.. especially when he's never been a productive member of society.. so yea thats right all of your pay checks pay for him to run his drug operations and to do nothing with his life. I was a productive member of society.. unlike him I had a job and was going to be something. He stole everything from me.. and me aside.. he may be the reason my husband never gets the children he has always wanted. Also.. no one is blaming anyone for my problems except michael cline. He is the reason for my problems. and Its not fair that his life gets to be roses when he ruined mine. As far as im concerned him and his family and people like them who help him should have to pay for my mediical bills for the rest of my life... but don't you know.. the REAL VICTIM.. always gets screwed. it's inevitable!
10/10/2011 1:12PM
We should not judge
Not defending the guy on drugs, but the man upstairs is the only one who should be judging.... Maybe he will change, prob not, but not for us to be the judge of it. He will get whatever he deserves at the pearly gates. This is just an example of that manup stairs reaching out to say " Straighten the "f" up"...
10/10/2011 10:57PM
So very sad for ALL involved.
Did you read this part of the story? "I wish the guy would've died." More than a year after the accident, Wayne Kinslow is still furious. In the intensive care unit at Strong Memorial Hospital, Kinslow, 44, of Newark, had to be restrained by family and hospital security. Cline's room was right across the hall from that of his daughter" Maybe this is why the HEROIC couple did not visit Kristie. Harboring hatred is going to hurt them much more then the accident did.
10/10/2011 11:25PM
i am also victim
i am michael cline i was not drunk or high at the time of the accident i was prescribes pain killers for medical issues which was found in my bloodstream and i use to smoke pot that day i had been at college at bryant and stratton college and hadnt smoked any pot for atleast ten hours prior to the accident and hadnt taken my prescribed medication for twelve hours prior to the accident i am deeply sorry for what kristie and her family has been threw i still suffer and will the rest of my life emotionally and physically i still have large open wounds where i was burned on my buttock the size of the whole buttock i have had over 30 skin graphs numerous other surgeries and need more and most likely will spend rest of my life in a wheelchair I WISH I WOULD GET AN INTERVIEW TO TELL MY SIDE OF WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!OH YEA BY THE WAY I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY MONETARY HELP FROM ANYONE MY BILL FROM STRONG IS 3.7 MILLION
10/11/2011 4:13AM
How could they have known?
There was no way for them to know he was the cause of the accident nor that he was high and under the influence. The instinct was to save the life. If they had left him there without trying after finding out he was on drugs and caused this they would be in trouble. Failure to help an injured person is a crime no matter what the situation. He certainly is responsible for the accident and the young ladies medical costs, but wishing he was dead, well basically he is.
10/11/2011 8:39AM
Blaming the victim
Michael's rebuttal about his skin graph is basically "blaming the victim" He clearly has a mental illness and is unable to see any other victim other than himself.
10/11/2011 8:48AM
Blaming the victim
Michael is practicing an old fashion scape-goat; called blaming the victim. He most likely is suffering from a mental illness that does not allow himself to see any other victim but "me, myself, and I." By announcing his bills and medical procedure's he is attempting to draw the attention back on poor Michael. And For the real victim,the girl; if there are people wanting to help out with monetary funds; take it! By the sounds of the situation, if you were to receive funds it would be provided by the tax payers anyways. Be humble; if it really bothers you, than talk with public schools to talk with high-school age kids.
10/11/2011 11:50AM
I DO NOT ACCEPT YOUR APOLOGY! how dare you think that after 16 months because you've been called out that you pretend to care. ITS YOUR FAULT! if you werent high why the heck would you drive like that?..for what the fun of it? I didn't do anything and now Im the one suffering. How dare you? Honestly..be real. your getting off pretty much with a slap on the wrist because you were injured too. be happy about that. I will never get to have a child normally.. Ill never get the career I wanted, or the home I wanted and it's ALL YOUR FAULT!Secondly.. MY FATHER NEVER WENT AFTER HIM! NEVER! he may wish he was dead.. but if you watched your little girl hooked up to tubes because of some idiot you'd wish the same thing.stop trying to blame him for a simple statement he made! Third: like its been said multiple times..my family commends the people for helping.that isn't our issue so stop acting like we are cold hearted towards those people!Lastly: I've never asked a single soul for help!I would not/will not ever ask anyone for money to help me out. Do I wish it could happen? of course.. but I would never tell any individual that they need to help me, nor would I expect it..
10/11/2011 1:20PM
re: i am also victim
Michael, you're full of it. If you think you're the victim and are claiming you weren't on drugs or alcohol, why did you plead guilty to the crime? And, yes, you did commit a crime! You say you hadn't smoked pot for at least 10 hours before the accident - what exactly does that mean? Obviously by this claim, you do smoke it, so there's a crime right there. Did you smoke it in front of your 2-year old son? Yes, you have injuries, but you caused them yourself. In no way do I feel sorry for you. And what about leaving your 2-year old son alone in the house? I notice you don't mention that. Get over yourself, what's happening to you is entirely your own fault. And as far as the claim that you're a changed man due to this accident, if you weren't, something would definitely be wrong with you. You owe the true victim of this crime something. Maybe it's time to stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about her! You might want to be interviewed, but no one wants to hear from you!
10/11/2011 3:39PM
Your not a victim your the cause
I hope the sub standard care you get in prison takes its toll you piece of filth
10/11/2011 7:02PM
Wow! Hadn't smoked pot for at least 10 whole hours before the accident! That changes everything....NOT!!!!!
10/11/2011 9:29PM
kristie Heckman
Well Michael I hope you read this. I am Kristies mother in law and I was ip at the hospital every day 24 hours and not once did one of your family or friends say one thing to any of ous how sorry they were. But they had no problem stopping and gawking I. The window to her room as the nurses flip and turned her body. Every 15 mins. Me and my son sleep on the floor in her room every night. And not once did your family show any kind of compassion nor did your christian friends. Now I am a christian and if my son or daughter had done what you did to my daughter.I would some how some way let them no. And iam sorry but there id just to much bad stuff about you out there to think you were not on something. No one drivers like you were and can tell ous other. If you really sorry you would take it like you were not deny it. She is a girl that was trying to make a life for her self form the ground up....nothing but hard work..going to school full time ..working flipping burgers ...but doing it honestly ...not pushing and selling drugs. When you get behind a wheel of a vehicle you might as well have a gun in your had. Because the both kill....and you not only destroyed her body but your destroyed a lot more of her. You had a child that you didnt care for ...she may never beadle to have one ..and if she ever can ..she gos through life with pain every day..but she can hold her head high...knowing that what she does in this life she does without hurting other people to get there. She had to change her life in so many ways because you didn't want to think that other people had the right yo live...I dont feel sorry for you you brought it upon your self. But she went to school ...work ...and cares about others ..BUT YOU TOOK A LOT AWAY FROM HER...AND KEEP TAKING..EVERY DAY.. JUST THINK EVERY DAY YOU HURT OR IS UNABLE TO DO SOMETHING ..SHE HURTS AND IS UNABLE TO DO THINGS.. BUT SHE CANT SAY I COULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING DIFFERENT ..
10/11/2011 10:37PM
You are not a victim
You are not a victim in any way. You caused the accident. There is no other side of the story.. You did it! And... If you weren't high.. Did you just drive like that for fun? I cannot believe you and I am disgusted that 16 months later you think it's okay to pretend you have remorse. Your a joke! Ugh.. It disgusts me that you could ever try to put your self in the same categorie as me... A victim! Your a criminal... And there is a clear difference! I don't accept your lie of an apology! 2: my dad never went after anyone so stop saying that! 3:unlike him.. Your paychecks haven't paid my bills because I had insurance but we all know how that goes.. But I've never asked anyone for help, nor do I expect to receive it. I would not/will not ever tell someone to give me money.. Do I wish I got some... Of course who wouldn't? But I don't expect it and I would never ask/tell anyone to do that for me! But thank you.
10/12/2011 6:20AM
couple saves man from burning car,but..
Michael clone if you ....read this this is Kristie mother in law. I have not seen one bit of remorse from you.you have never once tryed to say your sorry. That kid has gone through hell ...and has injuries that she will have for the rest of her life....you took away youth at 21.The pain I see her deal with is at your hands... because you got behind the wheel of a car driving they way you were ..is the same as having a gun in your hands. So NO YOUR NOT THE VICTIM ....here.Kristie is ..what about all the other people you just missed that night...how close they came to death...no you should face your the facts ..and own up to them ....it will never take the pain she gos through life every day that you gave her..but it would be the right thing...
10/12/2011 1:36PM
Nice job radio station
Nice job getting everyone fired up after 16 months.This is all for your ratings. Don't you get it people? How about the radio station put their money where their mouth is and have a fundraiser for her. It's the least you could do. Better yet,why not pay her bills yourself?
10/12/2011 2:52PM
hit the nail on the head
yes, we, the hard working taxpayers ... will be paying michaels medical bills the rest of his life.... your welcome. why did the paper say you were high at the time of the accident then? you michael, caused this accident, when you got behind the wheel you didnt think about the consequeces of driving under the influence, did you? you michael get a second chance at life, to turn your life around...we hope. kristie had her life taken away, the career she was working, that is WORKING so hard for.... not to mention the pain she will mostly likely suffer the rest of her life. yes, you will have to live with this, but we the taxpayers are gonna be takin care of you.... for the rest of your life.
10/12/2011 5:37PM
are u really still high?
Are u really still high after u smoke pot 10 hrs ago. I dont think so. But it will be in your blood still.
10/12/2011 8:42PM
people sasy what you want
me and god know what happend and kristie i have been very sorry the whole time i just wasnt allowed to contact you due to you being victim of a bad choice i made and my son was left with mark Drake my neighbor if u want to find out about that get a hold of billy pain he was there when i arranged for mark to watch my son thats why i wasnt charged for that and i plead guilty because that is what my attorney advised me to do i was prolly driving fast to get home to my son because mark had to leave i dont care what people say or think i have given my life to god and have totally changed and the buttacios are not getting me a hearing aid and i am going to a medical facility due to severaty of my injuries
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