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Convicted Rapist Doesn't Accept Heart Transplant

Which is good.. but here's the thing: how does a violent, convicted and imprisoned rapist even have the opportunity to bypass 49 other people on the transplant list? For a heart never the less!!!

We'll have State Senator Michael Nozzolio on this morning to talk about what our goverment is going to do about this...


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04/26/2011 6:14AM
Convicted Rapist Doesn't Accept Heart Transplant
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04/26/2011 9:16AM
I was reading an ABC News article on this story....this man actually sexually assaulted a "teenage relative". It also went on to say that he has served 15 of his 18-40 year sentence and will be up for parole in 2013!!!! My opinion...he can wait 2 more years and pay for his transplant himself.
04/26/2011 9:21AM
Welcome to NY - we'll pay the bill for you!
Somebody very close to me schedules medical procedures for "residents" of a large local Correctional Facility. The inmates, oops, I mean residents, get the best of the best for treatment, all at our expense! Many inmates, after their release, commit crimes to go back into the system because they get free health care, which they otherwise couldn't afford. Part of the reason inmates are given priority care is because they have successfully sued when they don't get the absolute best options, regardless of cost. We are screwed either way, either we pay the Doctors for the most expensive care, or we pay the lawyers for not providing it.
04/27/2011 3:54AM
the grinch
And on that day, why in Rochester they say, the rapist's small heart grew three sizes that day.
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