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Cohocton Braces for Funeral Protest

The Westboro Baptist Church is allegedly in town to protest the funeral for Army Sergeant Devin Snyder (left).

This church is known for protesting military funerals because they believe that God kills American soldiers because America supports homosexuality. 

How the hell they connect those two things is beyond, well, most people. However, they really do passionatley believe this.

We spoke with one of the heads of the church, Shirley Roper-Phelps, earlier this year. You can listen to that conversation by

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06/16/2011 7:18AM
Cohocton Braces for Funeral Protest
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06/16/2011 9:16AM
This just makes me cry!
I say all of Kimberly and Beck's listeners get together and go to the funeral and keep them out!
06/16/2011 9:13PM
Westboro Baptist Church
We believe that they are staying in Springwater meditation center in Springwater, NY to protest Devin Snyder's funeral.
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