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Chad Rahn Guilty of Everything

What can we say? The days of the good old boys club and doing what you want are coming to an end.

Details, CLICK HERE.

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02/23/2011 6:02AM
Chad Rahn Guilty of Everything
Comment here...
02/23/2011 6:21AM
Good Old Boys, Still Around...
Maybe in Monroe County/Greece Area they are cracking down on the "Good Old Boys Club" but NOT in Orleans County Or other counties!
02/23/2011 7:32PM
Rahn family
It just goes to show you he is a piece of carp just like his old man. His dad was a bad apple and he's no different.Put him with the ones he's put away in the past. Let the buddies of the guy who was beat up because of his law breaking have ten minutes with him. Scum (fater and son)
02/25/2011 2:50PM
Following in his father's footsteps.
What made them think they were above the law?
02/28/2011 5:49PM
You're listening to the most unreliable source out there... the media! Come on people wake up... the media isn't out there to deliver the truth. It's strictly there for entertainment purposes. All of you have the nerve to talk about people you have NEVER met in your life and you know NOTHING about them except what you hear on this stupid radio station (especially Kimberly) and on the news stations. How would you feel if people started judging you without knowing a single thing about you? I'm sure you would not appreciate it at all. Who gave you the right to judge people? No one. These are people's lives... it's not as funny or easy as the media makes it out to be. Get a reality check and grow up. It's like high school all over again.
03/01/2011 11:48PM
So Embarrassing
The whole family is a disgrace! How can you argue the guilty verdict? It seems like "high school all over again" when Chad chose to be corrupt. -Ridiculous- Media doesn't make money off of normal people's everyday lives. Have you never passed judgement on someone from what you hear from a third party?
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