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Caption This! 10/27/11

Something new (and totally unoriginal) for my page, A CAPTION CONTEST!  Best caption wins...nothing!  Today's pic is timely if only because the circus is in town.

Still smells better than most guests of the Cadilac Hotel

Have a crack with your best captions in the comment section below.

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10/27/2011 9:01AM
Caption This! 10/27/11
Please Enter Your Comments Below
10/27/2011 9:06AM
Oh, um...
Oh, um... sorry, ma'am. But our guest room pleasure gift bags don't come in that size...
10/27/2011 9:08AM
"No luggage, sir?" Just my trunk! Get it? Man, that one never gets old.
10/27/2011 9:09AM
I'm here to meet a lady I met on Craigslist who is looking for a fella with a big trunk.
10/27/2011 9:12AM
...never forget. When you don't leave a mint on their pillow.
10/27/2011 9:14AM
Yeah, uh, I'd like a Big Mac, fries, and a Diet Coke.
10/27/2011 9:15AM
Excuse Me
I'm gonna need to upgrade my room from the twin bed.
10/27/2011 9:20AM
Bigger trunk?
Elephant or Serena Williams? Too close to call.
10/27/2011 9:30AM
make it quick
i'll have a caronna and a bucket of nuts
10/27/2011 9:31AM
make it quick
i'll have a caronna and a bucket of penuts
10/27/2011 9:31AM
"Yeah, I'm here for the complimentary nuts"
10/27/2011 9:33AM
i have a 3 o'clock apt
I'm here for my massage
10/27/2011 9:50AM
going up...eh, not so much
"What do you mean, I exceed the elevator weight limit? Well, I never...you'll be hearing from my lawyers"
10/27/2011 4:56PM
Karen's drinking problem wasn't the only big elephant in the room.
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