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BuzzFeed-Wed. 10/5 /11

iPhone fanatics huddled around their live streams yesterday in hopes of being the first to hear about Apple's release of the iPhone 5.  Sad trombone.  In what many are calling a major setback, instead, Apple announced the iPhone 4s.  What's the iPhone 4s?  Well, as far as I can tell (and I'm sure Apple fans will correct me here), it's an iPhone 4...with an 'S' on it.  Eeek.  Apple shares dropped after the announcement was made and now many are speculating as to whether or not this will halt the momentum of the iPhone wave.  One of my favorite web-comics, The Oatmeal, accurately describes the way I feel about Apple's constant need to showcase minor changes in their devices.

These will work
I'll never forget the first time I saw my life really lose her temper.  We had been dating for a few weeks.  She had just bought a new car.  As most of us are with anything new, she was extremely protective of her vehicle.  Well, it happened to be Park Ave Festival weekend and we were in attendance.  If you live in the Park Ave area, you don't need me to tell you about how people park like dip-shits all weekend.  Well, one of those dip-shits crammed in a little too close to my future wife's new ride.  She ran up ahead of my amidst a flurry of expletives and proceeded to key the ever living hell out of the offending car.  Looking back, I think she did that to set a tone in our relationship as well.  "You do me wrong, I'll cut you" kind of thing.  Anyway, the point of this story is that all of this could have been avoided simply and in a non-destructive way.

Taco Day!
Yesterday was National Taco Day.  Or, as I call it, Tuesday.  Who am I to not celebrate the upper echelon of my diet? I went to a fine Mexican establishment in Greece and scarfed down a basket of chips and salsa (I would drink salsa from the tap), followed by a chimichanga.  My server even called me señor!  That made me realize that I am suspect of any Mexican restaurant that doesn't address me as señor.  @jihadkitty points out:  "I'm suspect of any Mexican joint that doesn't have an ICE truck staking it out..."  Finally, my buddy @JamesRadio adds: "I don't trust an Irish restaurant where the waiter doesn't punch me in the face then hug me."  Great points all around if it's authenticity you're looking for. 

Hollywood Continues To Suck Your Soul
Couple of quick Hollywood notes:
NBC has ordered a full season of Whitney.
  In other news, NBC enjoys being in 4th place.  You guys already know my thoughts on this show.  She's too skinny/attractive to be, you know, actually consistently funny.  Also, there's a Mr. Ed movie in the works.  Hollywood takes an original idea and repackages it for a new audience complete with CGI? Well I never! I was actually surprised by the news of a Mr. Ed movie.  Mainly because I thought they already did one.  Then I remembered, they did.  It was called 'Sex In The City".

Scream 17 starring Sarah Jessica Parker

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10/05/2011 9:11AM
BuzzFeed-Wed. 10/5 /11
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10/05/2011 9:52AM
I just am speechless over the tallness of this blog, speechless.
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