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BuzzFeed-Wed. 10/26/11

It's all downhill from here
The big celebrity gossip of the past 24 hours is that Lindsay Lohan has accepted an offer to do a spread in Playboy.  Reports have her making anywhere from three quarters of a million, to one million for posing.  Kinda late, no? I mean, I certainly would be more intrigued if this news coincided with the release of the August 2004 issue.  Think of how much blow she can score with that kind of money! "She's disgusting!" will be said by every female who you bring this up to, and they're right.  I, on the other hand, always try to think of LiLo in a more positive light and try to remember the days where she was a smoke show.  Now, all we can hope is that the pictorial isn't scratch n' sniff.

The good ol' days...

This is the part where I become a teenage girl
Oh mah gaw...I kinda lost it yesterday when Rockstar Games set a release date for the first Grand Theft Auto V trailer.  You read that right.  I got excited about a video game.  Not even the release of the game!  God knows when that will be! I got excited about the pre-hype to the hype!  Here's the thing.  I'm a 36 year old guy with a wife and 2 daughters.  I don't go out much and I certainly don't get to run over hookers in my SUV and wrap up my evening with a lap dance.  Carmen Electra's not walking through that door.  I grew up playing video games and will always enjoy playing them.  I enjoy the escape and they actually relax me (while making me sleep deprived).  Ok, justification over.  As a fan of this franchise, I've gotta say I'm pretty curious to see in what direction they decide to go. Give me the ability to base jump from a helicopter after pushing Perez Hilton out and I'll be pleased...

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10/26/2011 8:52AM
BuzzFeed-Wed. 10/26/11
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