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BuzzFeed-Tue. 10/4/11

Free At Last!
Amanda Knox is a free woman.  Boy the news really loves it when young white women get in trouble, don't they?  Although this story never generated the outrage that the Casey Anthony trail delivered, many people are curious as to when justice will be served for the victim's family.  I'm curious as to what her porno will be called.  "Getting Off In Italy"? "Hard Knox"? If I understand the situation right, she has to pay a lot of money coinciding with her release.  It was all about the money? In Italy? A justice system and government that's corrupt?! IN ITALY?! Well I never!  Well one thing is certain, now that she's free, she'll face a much tougher trial: Dancing With The Stars.  Amanda, call me.

Are You Ready For Suspension?
ESPN sacked its traditional Hank Williams Jr. Monday Night Football show open last night after the country legend made comparisons between Obama and Hitler.  "Freedom of speech!" says every ignorant traditionalist with the IQ of a bran muffin.  Yes.  We live in a great country where we have the freedom to say whatever we want.  What we forget is that we are not free from the consequences from our free speech.  People want to know why I can get edgy/testy at times.  It's because my livelihood is dependent on what I say and believe and how I present it to you.  Look, I'm always one wrong comment/blog post/tweet away from unemployment, free speech be damned.  There are consequences attached to that freedom.  And it appears Ol' Bocephus will be finding that out the hard way.  If he does indeed lose his job, may I suggest that ESPN replace him with THIS GUY? Tell me ratings wouldn't soar!

Put Your Hands Up For Detroit
Rochester has plenty of Yankee faithful so I'll tread lightly here.  Detroit is one game away from advancing in the American League playoffs.  I always notice that things get very quiet when the Yankees are in trouble.  Verlander was nails for the Tigers last night striking out 11 batters.  C.C. was fat.  I wish baseball didn't bore me as much as it does and to be honest, I WANT the Yankees to win just so my hope for a Yankees/Phillies World Series will come to fruition, but by the 8th inning all I was thinking was who would win in a 40 yard dash between John Kruk and C.C. Sebathia.  Is cake on the line? I'll take C.C.

Dear Lord

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10/04/2011 8:56AM
BuzzFeed-Tue. 10/4/11
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