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BuzzFeed-Tue. 10/18/11

We've lived in Grilton (my pet name for the North Greece/Hilton neighborhood we call home) for going on 10 years now.  And every year, right around this time, our house gets 'Boo'd'.  And every year, I do everything I can to deny that it is actually happening.  Anybody know about this Halloween "tradition"?  You go to someone's house with a bag of candy and a note, leave both, ring the doorbell and run like hell!  What kind of deranged game of ding dong ditch are we playing here? The note reads like a ransom with instructions on how to continue the game.  The candy is totally unnecessary.  Like my hyperactive, A.D.D. kids need MORE sugar in their lives.  Maybe this is the difference between having boys and girls.  Come on kids.  Do what I did when I was your age.  Lets smash pumpkins and bomb cars with rotten tomatoes!

Rex Ryan
Caught some of the Monday night game last night and if you're a Dolphins fan the news isn't good.  Your team isn't very good and apparently your coach is allergic to points.  What I found more disturbing was the overall appearance of Jets head coach Rex Ryan.  Didn't he get lapband? How is he still so huge?  My God, man.  You lead men! Your appearance would suggest the only place you're leading them TO is the Old Country Buffet!

Who says leaving your shirt untucked
makes you look sloppy/fat?

This is important.  Read on...

The Internet is an amazing place.  Really, it is.  Ever wonder why some people dispense their toilet paper rolls with sheets over the top or underneath?  Is there a reason or purpose behind one's toilet paper orientation preference?  Turns out there are several reasons and I have discovered a Wikipedia article outlining all of them.  After reading, I realized that toilet paper orientation is a more extensive topic than any of us could have imagined.  I want to meet the unemployed person who took  the time to edit that.  Wow.


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10/18/2011 9:00AM
BuzzFeed-Tue. 10/18/11
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