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BuzzFeed-Thur. 9/29/11

I RedSoxed on a fish bone
I'm not a huge baseball fan (Go Cubs. I don't really call what they do annually 'baseball'.), but last night I had to tune in to see what turned out to be two historic collapses.  First up, the Atlanta Braves and their idiotic foam tomahawks choked away their chance at a playoff bid by losing in extra innings to the Phillies.  I have friends in Philadelphia, and I have come to appreciate and admire the attitude that come with their fandom.  Not too many fans would take such great joy in seeing a child fan crying.  I approve.  Next up, it was time for the Red Sox to suck the pipe.  I'm familiar enough with the game to know Jonathan Papelbon is one of the leagues best closing pitchers.  I'm also familiar enough to know he has a stupid mouth.  We get it Papelbon, you're INTENSE! Grrrrr! Well, that stupid mouth of his gave up the game winning hit that completed their demise and sent the Tampa Bay Rays into the post season.  By the way Tampa, empty seats in the stadium for a playoff clinching game? Atrocious. Anything less than a Phillies/Yankees World Series will be a disappointment.  I could care less about who wins, I just want to monitor the actions of my Philly and New York friends as they sweep each others legs.

National Coffee Day!
...is today.  Or as I call it, Thursday.  Next case.

Celebrity Breakup of The Day

Demi and Ashton are calling it quits after 6 years of marriage.  Mixed emotions, here (kidding, I don't have feelings) as I like Ashton for being a Bears fan, but love Demi for continuing to be elite after all these years.  Can someone name a coug hotter than Demi? Lordy.  My initial response to any celebrity breakup where a smoke show is involved is always the same, "Demi, call me."  In this instance, however, I feel as if I may be too old for her.  Sad face.

Wedding Weekend!
My sister-in-law is getting hitched this weekend.  I'm less than enthusiastic for them having to deal with sleet and cold temps on Saturday.  I'm someone who believes the mood on your wedding day sets the tone for the marriage.  Prove me wrong, but doesn't a rainy, cloudy wedding day equal a less happy marriage than a wedding day with blue skies and sunshine? Wishing the best for the newlyweds and I have promised my wife that I will turn my phone off preventing me from live-tweeting any of the festivities.  The last wedding I went to had me in the doghouse for weeks.

Insert Tease Here

Guest Blogger Friday is tomorrow and I'm excited to post an article written by local tech consultant Adam Lynch.  When the phrases "quivering flesh" and "bacon unicorn" are included, you know it's going to be good.  Come back tomorrow for his iPhone 5 lust piece and you'll leave a better person.

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09/29/2011 9:19AM
BuzzFeed-Thur. 9/29/11
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