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BuzzFeed-Thur. 9/22/11

R.E.M. call it quits
The big music news in the Buzzfeed today is the announcement that R.E.M. are calling it quits after 30+ years.  While they were never one of my favorite bands, I can't deny that they do have some really good songs.  It's just been so long since they had any, the biggest shock to me about yesterday's announcement was that they hadn't called it quits 15 years ago! So, another band splits up after a successful run.  No pressure, Black Eyed Peas.

Twitter on the Sh*tter
There are two types of guys in this world.  Guys who use their phones/laptops/iPads on the toilet, and liars.  Yesterday my wife declared, for many to hear, that I chronically bring my phone into the bathroom with me.  So it's out there.  If our paths cross online, there's a possibility I'm punishing my toilet while engaging you in conversation.  To be honest, some of my best work comes out of that room.

Hoolio Update
Earlier this week I told you about Hoolio, a goldfish that a co-worker bought for me as a surprise.  Yesterday, I get this text: "It's a matter of hours...Our fish friend isn't swimming much."  Uh-oh.  In preparation for what was sure to be his final hours, my friend Paul did an outstanding job on some #HooliosEpitaphs: "He didn't give us a fish. He didn't show us how to fish. He WAS a fish. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me, and I will dwell in the toilet of Danger forever. Fin. (<--See?)"  I'm happy to report that as of this writing, reports of Hoolio's demise are greatly exaggerated.

Facebook changed its layout...again.  I don't really have any words for the outcry from users to change it back.  The two big outcries of the week are Netflix prices going up and Facebook changing their layout.  We're a nation of spoiled rotten cry-babies.  If you are that passionately against a free service (that you aren't required to use) making business adjustments that you have to publicly complain about it ALL FREAKING DAY, then your life is too good.  

Kate Upton.  Rhodes Scholar.
She is just adorable, isn't she? SI Swimsuit model Kate Upton is elite.  But up to watching this video I had never really paid any attention to anything happening above her neck.  Now I'm convinced.  Kate Upton is brilliant.  You HAVE to be a genius to act this stupid.


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09/22/2011 9:03AM
BuzzFeed-Thur. 9/22/11
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