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BuzzFeed-Thur. 9/15/11

Lots of steam today.  We've got leaked celebrity nude photos and an alleged one night stand with an ex-Vice Presidential nominee.  Sit back and let today's BuzzFeed envelope you in controversy.

Sarah Palin is a slut
There's a report in the Washington Post that Sarah Palin had a one-night stand with ex-NBA star Glen Rice in '87.  Here's the scene: Palin is a fresh out of college local sports anchor and Rice is a stud at the University of Michigan, who happened to be in Anchorage for an early season tournament.  Who covered the Wolverines for the local TV station? You guessed it.  One year later, she married Todd Palin.  There's a good chance that yesterday was the first time Todd heard of this affair.  Me, personally? My disinterest in what goes in Sarah Palin's vagina is matched only by my disinterest in what comes out of it.  On to something more important.


Sorry for shouting but this is MAJOR news.  Then I looked at the pictures.  "That's Photoshopped! What a whore!" say every miserable office worker who weighs over 150.  Yeah, I guess the pics are a little underwhelming, but one thing became increasingly clear to me as I was browsing.  I WOULD DO POLITE THINGS TO HER ALL NIGHT LONG! I WOULD TOTALLY OPEN UP HER CAR DOOR FOR HER SO HARD! No pressure, Natalie Portman.  Can't celebrities who make millions of dollars afford better cameras? And what's up with the constant  "I was hacked" excuse? You know how you prevent nude pics of yourself from showing up on the Internet? Not taking nude pics of yourself! Lost in the mix? I think I have the same nightstands as ScarJo.

Goo Goo Dolls are Hip Hop
I joked earlier about how there were 68 arrests at the Darien Lake Goo Goo Dolls show this Summer.  68? When did Goo Goo Dolls become a hip hop act? Turns out there was a Chris Brown show at Darien last night.  22 arrested.  Granted there may have only been 100 people at that show...

Quick Question...
When did Justin Bieber become Sally Jesse Raphael? Answer most commonly given? Who the f*ck is Justin Bieber?

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09/15/2011 9:03AM
BuzzFeed-Thur. 9/15/11
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