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BuzzFeed-Thur. 10/6/11

Normally, this space would be reserved for my views/opinions/thoughts on a wide variety of topics.  Today, there's really only one thought weighing heavily on my mind. 

Steve Jobs
Last night was one of those, "I'll never forget where I was..." moments.  I was wrapping up dinner with a co-worker and out-of-town colleague when I checked my Blackberry.  I found some Facebook reaction to a comment I had made about Jobs the day Apple let down their super-fans announcing the iPhone 4s rather than the iPhone 5.  My comment was in regards to the timing of his departure and went something to the effect of, "Well, I'm sick with cancer, so I'm gonna go ahead and leave.  Haha. Good luck with that iPhone 4s announcement!" Well, the timing of that update was somewhat unfortunate, to say the least.  "Are you happy now? He's dead, you insensitive jerk!"  Well, I wasn't happy.  I felt guilty as hell and proceeded to immediately delete my original update.  Guilty to the point where, rather than showcasing all of the amazing things this man created for our generation, I feel as if I have to write a report explaining myself.

Does anyone truly believe my Facebook status update killed Steve Jobs? I mean, I felt like I was being blamed for his death by a few of my Facebook "friends".  Obviously, that's ridiculous.

I'm someone who believes you can find humor in anything.  Even cancer.  Is cancer a disease that has effected us all in some way shape or form? No doubt. It's atrocious. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. But laughter is one of the best medicines that can help you through that kind of a challenging situation. 

I'm not apologizing about my views or any comments I have made. I was looking for the humor in a blown out of proportion technology announcement that, to many, was viewed as a flop.  And I'm someone who views all of this, (blogging, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as one big joke.  If I'm guilty of anything it's using the words "Steve Jobs" and "cancer" in the same statement.  I've never tried to shock.  I've always tried my hardest to evoke an emotion.  Maybe you laugh.  Maybe you're outraged.  Maybe you're thinking.  If you feel anything, then I've done my job.

A man who has changed most of our lives, and the way we live them, is gone.  For that, I am sad.  Do I feel as if he used an elitist cult approach to how he distributed his brand? Sure. Did he over-charge for products with the assumption we would buy anything that had his logo on it? Yep. But we're the suckers who bought in, and, let's be honest, it's a superior product.  It doesn't seem fair that he's gone while The Kardashians waste our oxygen.  If there is a God, he hates us.  In lieu of flowers, I plan on buying, at minimum, an iPad before the end of the year.  R.I.P. Steve Jobs.  Thanks for everything.

10/06/2011 8:49AM
BuzzFeed-Thur. 10/6/11
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10/06/2011 10:00AM
Freaking shock jocks trying to appease the public with a 180 blog post. F U! -Cabana
10/06/2011 10:01AM
Freaking shock jocks trying to appease the public with a 180 blog post. Fahq -Cabana
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