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BuzzFeed-Mon. 11/7/11

RIP Andy
Andy Rooney passed away over the weekend at the age of 92.  If you think I hate everything, check out this dude's body of work.  I look at Andy Rooney like the Nickelback of news.  No one will admit that they like him, but someone went out and bought those 50 million albums.  I'd say TV will never be the same, but I never watched 60 minutes anyway.  What am I, 76 years old?

RIP DIppin' Dots
Remember when Dippin' Dots first dropped on the scene? "The Ice Cream of the Future!" Well, the future is over, apparently.  Dippin' Dots have filed for bankruptcy.  I'm going to shane an unpopular opinion with you.  Dippin' Dots are TOTALLY overrated.  This is the problem I have with a lot of things.  Something is totally awesome on its own, and we feel the need to try and improve it.  Ice cream is one of those things.  HD TV is one of those things.  I don't need 3D TV when my HD TV is perfect as it stands.  Why would you want to try and improve Ice Cream?  Oh, and at a higher price point, too? I think I paid something like $8 for a small cup at Darien Lake once.  No thanks. Hit the bricks, Dippin' Dots.

RIP Champ, wait...no?
Many reports all weekend on the death of Joe Frazier.  Only problem is, as I'm writing this he's still alive...I think.  Regardless, it sounds like he doesn't have much time and some jouranlists out there aren't checking thier sources.  Small favor to ask...if I'm sick, please wait until I'm actually dead before you announce it to the world.  In the meantime, I'm going to make up my own RIP claims.  Nice run, Adam Sandler.  You will be missed.

Clam Flesh
That's a lot of morbid to start off your Monday, so allow me to switch gears and share a video I found over the weekend.  Sadly, I am not the deviant who came up with this.  Nigella Lawson of Food Network talks dirty.  Enjoy...


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11/07/2011 9:26AM
BuzzFeed-Mon. 11/7/11
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