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BuzzFeed-Mon. 10/31/11

This is Halloween
SLUTS! Halloween is all about sluts! Hope you got out there and made horrible decisions. But tonight is game time. My focus is on candy.  My youngest is now at an age where she can make an impact on collection.  No excuses.  The forecast is calling for a decent night, so I'll be brewing up a travel mug of Irish Coffee and walking my girls door to door pestering neighbors.  Our strategy is not unlike that of the Cobra Kai: Strike first.  Strike Hard.  No mercy.  In the end, when the Pixy Stix dust has settled, I am confident there will be a king's ransom of candy spread across our kitchen table.  This is what Halloween has become for me.

Ditka's the best
I'm a degenerate for the NFL.  I'll watch any game regardless of who's playing or the quality of play.  Football, beer, a pot of chili and a Manwich.  NFL Sundays are the absolute best, I'm sorry.   By now, you know I'm a massive Chicago Bears fan.  And you may or may not know that the Bears had a bye this week meaning no action from my team.  No worries.  I can always just pull up old footage of Da Coach to entertain me.

Zero f&(ks given.
...and while on the topic of sports, who horrified are you if your a Texas fan? Dallas got destroyed by Philly last night, and your baseball team let their first World Series title slip through their fingers.  For the second year in a row, the Texas Rangers are Major League Baseball's runner-up.  Enjoy your steak knives.

Irrational Fears
I have a few of them.  Most were confronted head on with a trip to Blue Cross Arena on Saturday for the circus.  Great show, by the way.  Much more of an actual SHOW than I remember it being as a kid.  So, irrational fears...clowns, snakes, little people, and closed spaces all on display for one glorious afternoon! Can't believe I made it through the whole show without passing out.  Also can't believe I didn't chew out the kid sitting behind me who doesn't cover his mouth when he sneezes.  Back of my neck got hit with a mist of pre-teen snot germs and reacted on my skin like holy water on a vampire.  I'm not a germaphobe, but I HAD to take another shower when I got home.  

Wants to kill you...

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10/31/2011 9:30AM
BuzzFeed-Mon. 10/31/11
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