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BuzzFeed-Mon. 9/19/11

Back at it for another week on The Buzz.  Today, I have an Emmys recap, fashion advice, and a new pet.  Soak in everything that I have compiled for today's BuzzFeed.

The people I work with...
I stepped into my office on Friday afternoon to find a surprise.  One of The Buzz's fine promotional representatives decided to purchase a goldfish for me.  Keep in mind, I am married to a woman who is unabashedly anti-pets.  We tried to do goldfish once before and my daughter over-fed them.  They lasted less than 48 hours.  I had a pool going on Friday night.  I was positive the little guy wouldn't make it past 18 hours (or he would get flushed without the chance to make it), but I'm excited to report that, as of this writing, Hoolio (sic) is still alive.  That is, until we get a craving for sushi.

I run marathons
Shout out to everyone who ran in yesterday's Rochester Marathon.  It doesn't matter if you ran the Full, Half, or relay, none of it is easy, and you deserve a pat on the back.  5:05:45 was my time, and while I am disappointed that I didn't make it home in time for Sunday kickoff, I can tell you that running across the finish line with my 7 year old daughter is a memory we'll never forget.  "Now you can get a 26.2 sticker to put on your car!" Yeah, no.  I may, however, get a Toyota sticker to put on my Nikes.

Fashion Advice
The air is getting crisp and there's no doubt (if you're a female) you'll be looking to dress for the season.  A preemptive word of caution: Uggs are atrocious.  For me, it's like they couldn't have a better name.  Every time I see someone wearing a pair, all I think to myself is, "Uggg." Great marketing guys!  Almost NOTHING says 'nouveau riche masking an undercurrent of whitetrashness' quite like these abominations.  The question that begs to be asked is, exactly how many vernereal diseases has the wearer been exposed to?  The only piece of footwear I despise more is Uggs Summertime cousin, Crocs.  "They're comfortable!" says anyone who owns a pair. Sneakers or running shoes are also comfortable, dumb-ass, and not nearly as harmful to the eyes.

OMG! Did you watch the Emmys?  If you're looking for a comprehensive recap sprinkled with a red carpet review, look somewhere else.  I didn't watch that sh*t.  Let me guess, Modern Family won.  I'm right? Shocker.

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09/19/2011 9:00AM
BuzzFeed-Mon. 9/19/11
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