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BuzzFeed-Mon. 10/3/11

We clean up well
Big weekend for our family as my sister-in-law Lora got hitched.  Normally, I would take ANY wedding as an invitation to broadcast snark and disdain, but I just could not do it this weekend.  It was, all in all, nearly perfect.  We had the rehearsal dinner at Brook House on Friday night. Your hero did a reading during the ceremony (Killed it.  Like you had to ask?), and the reception at Brook Lea was a lot of fun.  I mean, usually, at least the wedding DJ is someone I can attack.  Not in this case.  Like I said, a lot of fun.  Really excited for the newlyweds and happy to have the family that I do.

The Bills are who we thought they were!
Now, I didn't watch much of the Bills yesterday, but can anyone be surprised by the outcome?  A loss to the Bengals screams playing down to your competition.  Typical Bills.  Now, Philly comes to town and they're due.  Could be a rough few weeks if you're a Bills fan.  Meanwhile, my Bears won yesterday because apparently Carolina didn't get the memo: DO NOT KICK THE BALL TO DEVIN HESTER.  Best ever.  Next, they travel to Detroit for a Monday Night matchup against the undefeated (!!!) Lions.  I haven't been nervous about a Bears/Lions matchup since the days of Barry Sanders.  This Lions team is scary, though.  Playing with a ton of confidence.

If you have ever been threatened by a spider in the past, you should know that they are also capable of propaganda.  The misunderstood spider meme.  Actual laughter was produced. 

The height of my Twitter experience
I know I go on often about Twitter.  I'm an addict.  Friday was neat because I discovered that a childhood hero of mine has begun following me.  The TREMENDOUS William Zabka.  Zabka is best known for playing the role of "Johnny" in the original Karate Kid (I hate that I have to clarify it as 'the original'. Die, Hollywood.  And take Will Smith with you.), but he also played the bad guy/bully/jerk role in several other 80's movies. This occurrence can only raise my game.  Knowing that this guys is potentially reading the updates I dish out means I have to be on. Always.  The last thing I need is to viciously get my leg swept. Strike hard! Strike fast! No mercy, SIR! 

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10/03/2011 9:12AM
BuzzFeed-Mon. 10/3/11
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