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Bus Driver Leaves 3 y.o. on Bus for 3 Hours

This woman didn't realize the kid was on the bus, and has been removed from her position.

Full story, CLICK HERE.

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12/08/2010 6:20AM
Bus Driver Leaves 3 y.o. on Bus for 3 Hours
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12/08/2010 8:33AM
my son was left unattended on the bus
My son who is 8 years old was left unattended on the school bus. The bus driver would stop at a gas station every morning to get her coffee. The school sent me a letter stating my son's safety was never compromised. This is wrong as it only takes 1 second to steal a child. Don't understand why they felt that it was not. The school & the bus line whom is privately owned stated the driver did not know that it was wrong for leaving them (2) on the bus alone. This driver did this for 2 years. I can not get anyone to help me. The state troopers told me that it is a school issue if they feel it is something for them to take care of they will call them. I was not able to file a report which is wrong all the way around. I work for the state & nobody I work with can believe it. And NY does NOT have a law in place for leaving a child of any age left in a vehicle unattended, but if you look at child protective they do have. I email the Governor to ask him to adopt a law that other states have in place. Just don't know how they can do this. The worst part is she is still driving my son to school after I stated she was not to. The school told me that I have to transport my son. I have tried to find a lawyer to take this case, and none will help me. I have a letter that was send certified mail from the school stating it did not happen as often as I stated. The school officials at the school he attends have stated different. I was told that my son did not want to go into the gas station either. Everyone who knows him said that it was a lie as he loves to go into any type of store. Just thought that I would send this to you as a friend whom was listening to your station told me that you were talking about the bus driver from a near by school.
12/08/2010 8:37AM
children being left unattended
My son way left unattended, and the school stated my sons safety was never compromised.
12/08/2010 8:38AM
just a fyi
left alone while a driver gets coffee every morning
12/08/2010 9:50AM
left alone, how about dropped off and left?
I love the school my son goes to, great school south of rochester out in the country. In kindergarten (now 3rd grader) My son used to go to a daycare of an old friend of mine who was going to be closed that day. I sent in a standard school form stating my son needed a change of destination. I get a phone call from my then husband stating the bus flew right by and my son never got off. Being a first year kindergartner and I was all the way up in roch working, I freaked out!!! No one knew where my son was. He has been dropped off with no adult there and no other kids to have normally gotten off with. My son sat there fro over an hour alone. He was a bit freaked out cause he thought he did something wrong. I got many phone calls from the school apologizing up and down. And all was well, but it is a scary thought to think what could have happened. This school has a fantastic security system over all. It was just a one time accident. But how terrible for the children in this particular position, it is a major chance to take, nonchalontly putting some one else's child at risk. Shame on the driver and all that knew for as long as they did and did nothing. Karma is a @$*#%. Have a good day
12/09/2010 8:40AM
My Comment
I agree the bus driver was irresponsible, however I also feel that any repercussions suffered by the child have a lot to do with how the situation is handled by the parent(s). When I was 4 and in kindegarten in Avon (I turned 5 in October)I fell asleep on the seat of the school bus and was taken back to the bus garage. This was in the early 50's. I remember waking up in the dark with my father laughing and asking me if I was taking a nap even though I know he had to have been worried sick. He took me home and he joked about it. The bus driver didn't lose his job but was replaced for awhile. Later that winter the same bus driver drove off the road into a small pond and the front of the bus was partially submerged. There was only a handful of kids left on the bus and we had to exit through the back door. Parents came and got those kids but I had to wait for my father at a nearby farm. A sweet lady gave me cookies and jewelry until my father came and got me. The bus driver was fired and later I heard it was alcohol related. I have no trauma from those 2 events. There was no talk of law suits. We were satisfied that the driver lost his job for good. To traumatize a child for monetary purposes is cruel. I was lucky to have parents that were just glad I was ok and made my emotional wellbeing a priority. Also, I think under any circumstances, that 3 year old boy, should have been wearing a hat and gloves. And the church should have had a policy where if a child doesn't show up, the parent should be called. The driver shouldn't be shouldering all of the responsibilty. I think the mother doesn't want to lose her free child care.
12/09/2010 6:51PM
No wonder the nightmares
Sheesh...look at the scary bus driver! Kimberly, thanks for mentioning the fact that WHY IS A 3-YEAR OLD ON A BUS GOING TO SCHOOL AT THAT AGE??!?!? That is just insane. Is there even a school for 3-year olds that necessitates a bus ride? The poor baby is only 36 months old. No wonder he wet himslef. WTF is with people?
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