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Brockport Man Loses Sight in Eye When Hit with Paintball

Some 17 year old kid, allegedly, randomly shot at Andy Hampton and hit him in the eye. Andy now has lost his sight in his left eye. Nice. That's why you don't go around shooting people with a paintball gun.


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08/30/2011 6:35AM
Brockport Man Loses Sight in Eye When Hit with Paintball
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08/30/2011 12:14PM
I'm sure the kids that did it are good kids who never do anything wrong. Fine upstanding kids with good grades and have never been in trouble. Just like the rest of the idiots that do stupid things
08/30/2011 2:13PM
Can you please pass this information on to Mr. Hampton
My nephew, James H. Green, Jr., lost his eye in a similar fashion. If Mr. Hampton wishes to pursue a lawsuit against the kid who shot him, can you please have him get in touch with Mark S. Nunn, Esq., 16 East Main Street, Suite 300, Rochester, NY 14614 (585) 546-5270. He was able to obtain a multi-million dollar settlement for my nephew and has all of the case materials to pursue the matter on behalf of Mr. Hampton. He is a very highly regarded personal injury attorney. In addition, if Mr. Hampton will be in need of an artificial eye, I can get him contact information for the best in the country. Fortunately, the artificial eye doctor is located here in the Rochester area. I even went to court on my brother and sister-in-law's behalves and the Court forced Blue Choice to change its policy regarding coverage for artificial eyes (Blue Choice used to claim that an artificial eye was an EXTERNAL prosthesis and not internal prosthesis). The policy has now been changed. If Mr. Hampton would like to contact me, he could feel free to do so at: Kathy L. Scharett, 160 Farnsworth Road North, Rochester, NY 14623 (585) 359-0029. My e-mail address is kschare1@rochester.rr.com. Our whole family was devastated by the event that took my nephew's eye at 17 years of age. Mr. Hampton must protect himself for future surgeries, inability to obtain gainful employment due to a disability, etc. I hope that you can pass this information along. Our family had to learn it all as we went along in the process. Could you please send me an e-mail and let me know if you will be able to pass this information along to Mr. Hampton? Thank you so much!! Kathy
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