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Brizard Leaves Roc. Schools for Chi-Town

An honest question... what did he do that was good for Rochester City Schools?

Details: CLICK HERE.

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04/19/2011 8:19AM
Brizard Leaves Roc. Schools for Chi-Town
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04/19/2011 8:46AM
The Blizard
He has had the stones to try to make changes.....shutting down non-performing schools, pushing for teachers who are effective to be ousted and not protected due to their tenure and the graduation rates and test scores have gone up a bit. This is a huge job and the problems are going to take years to reverse. If we could only get Urbanski out of here...he is nothing but trouble...he bucks everything and yet never has one idea.
04/19/2011 8:48AM
the blizard
ammendent to above comment: I meant to say Brizard has been trying to oust teachers that are NOT effective in the classroom.
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