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Beck's Sister's Dog Got Attacked (Picture)

A pitbull got out an attacked Beck's sister's little dog. She's alive and will be OK, but ouch!

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09/12/2011 6:43AM
Beck's Sister's Dog Got Attacked (Picture)
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09/12/2011 9:28AM
The pitbull needs to be put to sleep, before it attacks a child!
09/12/2011 9:57AM
Sisters dog
First let me say I am so sorry something so traumatic has happened to your sisters dog and family. Did your sister call the police and file a report? I think there is a new law in effect that states any dog that attacks another dog is to be put down. The law was put into effect because of dogs that are a danger to others and have attacked other dogs or people. Some people don't contact police then the dogs continue to be a problem. If she did not do so yet I would recommend it. If she did then the dog should have been taken into the pound if nothing else for the 7 or 10 days observation. If the dog did it once it will do it again.
09/13/2011 3:56PM
Monte the Dog
Beck's sister just needs to move back to the Eastern part of the State - she didn't have any pitbulls in her previous neighborhood! We miss her!
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