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Beck's Daughter Wants to Move In... WITH A DOG!

Beck's daughter Aubrey wants to move in with him and T Heart for a couple months... With a DOG. He's not to keen on the dog moving in.

Should he suck it up and let them both move in for a while or give her money for an apartment?

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02/20/2013 10:30AM
Beck's Daughter Wants to Move In... WITH A DOG!
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02/20/2013 5:25PM
moving in
That would stop the child support.
02/20/2013 6:34PM
Beck's Daughter Wants to Move In... WITH A DOG!
Just let her move in with the dog you pansy, Be a good dad and and let her!!
02/21/2013 8:05AM
Movin In
So now daddy is good enough because she needs something? If she didn't have a dog she wouldn't be moving in. She is using him!
02/22/2013 8:06AM
GSD Puppy and moving in with Grandpa
If your daughter has trouble finding a place that would allow her to have her puppy, I will adopt it. My husband and I have 2 GSDs at home and they are spoiled rotten, good protection dogs but spoiled. You will be fine. Just by looking at the paws itsgoing to be a big one.
02/22/2013 8:37PM
Move in with dog
If it is only for a few months let her move in. You will learn to love the dog Beck. How can you not like a dog.
03/03/2013 1:25PM
Who really cares???
03/15/2013 8:51PM
take the dog not the daughter!
if you are still going to pay child support then she should be moving in. let the ex pay you the child support if she does move in!
03/22/2013 7:47AM
And who is taking puppy when she goes to College?
03/27/2013 2:59PM
daughter and dog
I would help her get her own apartment. It would teach her responsibility and also eliminate the problems that you will have that stem from someone moving in with you and your significant other
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