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Kimberly and Beck

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Beck Involved in Picture Scandal

This picture surfaced and circulated throughout Rochester. The result was several crashes and instances of involuntary blindness.

How do you live with yourself, Beck?

What would T-Heart think?

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People : Beck Involved

02/10/2011 5:44AM
Beck Involved in Picture Scandal
Comment here..
02/10/2011 6:10AM
I think I just lost my appetite...Thanks Beck!
02/10/2011 6:37AM
O my Popeye!!!
First time long time. Hey Pat did Popeye forget his spinach this morning? Reggie
02/10/2011 6:59AM
i HOPE THIS dosn't get you suspended to
02/10/2011 7:09AM
Oh boy
02/10/2011 7:22AM
G - D!!!
Well it's not pretty, but it SURE beats looking at Bessy Ray...
02/10/2011 8:03AM
Shady Pines Centerfold!
02/10/2011 8:51AM
02/10/2011 9:14AM
Don't let them get you down.If you got it Flaunt it.
02/10/2011 9:40AM
Kim's Mom
How did you get Kimberly's Mom to take her shirt off for a picture?
02/10/2011 10:00AM
flagged for inappropriate content. LOL
flagged for inappropriate content. LOL
02/10/2011 10:00AM
like the girlie phone cover Beck, way to go!
02/10/2011 12:06PM
For a skinny man, you have some love handles
02/10/2011 3:54PM
love handles...
Chris is much more fit than Beck (sorry). Unless of course he's posing for an AARP centerfold? Women are visual too. Knowing that Beck is probably commando under those jeans doesnt help
02/10/2011 4:00PM
.. has NO worries! YIKES YIKES and YIKES!! Imagination is much better than reality in this case.. YIKES!! cover up, dude! im going to have nightmares now!
02/10/2011 7:06PM
Working out
Doesn't seemed to be working out for Beck
02/10/2011 8:03PM
OH my god. . .
LMFAO!!! Poor Beck, you just can't win can you? You are definitely something funny to look at.
02/11/2011 7:33AM
new screen saver
gots me a new picture tooken screen saver. that should scare anyone away from my laptop....lol just kidding
02/11/2011 8:53AM
Shirtless Beck
More Beef...Less Salmon!
02/11/2011 3:48PM
ohhhh my god
i think i just threw up
02/11/2011 6:18PM
100 percent cracker with black people lips. wonder what parent was black
02/12/2011 1:58AM
MT Big Sis
and this folks is my little brother. . .you make us all so proud. That college education mom and dad sacrificed for really paid off!!!!
02/12/2011 12:51PM
pic scandal
omg! laughing so hard at all these comments made me forget what I wanted to say!
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