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Ass in the City

There's someone in the city with a pet donkey. Apparently this is big news. So... yeah. Awesomely terrible puns included in the full story, which you can read by CLICKING THIS.

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09/01/2011 6:20AM
Ass in the City
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09/03/2011 3:43PM
donkeys are smarter than people.
We were really disgusted to see all the news stories about the donkey forced to live at that dump on Dewey Ave. Maybe they should save their money and clean up their yard. I didn't see any grass for the poor animal. Just because it's legal doesn't make it right. Yeah I know all the jokes but Donkey's are very gentle and lovable animals. We raise them on our little 5 acre farm in Steuben County and to see one have to live like that really pisses me off. And yes, I did call the animal cruelty people about this. I just hope they do something to help that poor guy. On another note, male donkeys even if they are gelded can be unpredictable and dangerous. Thanks for listening, love your show.
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