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Another Year, Another Puerto Rican Festival Riot

Details are still filtering in, but once again an "after party" gets out of control. 

Details: CLICK THIS.

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08/08/2011 6:33AM
Another Year, Another Puerto Rican Festival Right
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08/09/2011 7:12AM
Puerto Rican Fest
The Police Are Racialy profiling this event starter When The Police Cañete Down Clinton with riot gear On 4-5 years ago. If u look the Videos there are white black Haitian and many other race involved the min u leave the Fest u get pulled over.I don't see any police enforcement on the east end Fest and that's open bar... They the have created this mess. Now it's on every side of town when it was only on the east side it should have been controlled not by riot gear.. It's now out of control.. I'm down with Peace but not when there is force un eqaul
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