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Kimberly and Beck

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Another Brawl at Charlotte Beach

"50 youths" had a brawl on Monday night at Charlotte Beach. Why the hell do giant groups of young people keep gathering there and having these giant fights. Every summer this happens. WTF????

Details: CLICK HERE.

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05/31/2011 6:28AM
Another Brawl at Charlotte Beach
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05/31/2011 7:35AM
Kimberly/Beck, Why don't i hear anything about them all getting arrested! The article says a "several" were under arrest. It isn't enough! I want to hear about 50 or more arrests. Just because you are nearby doesn't mean you should join the fracus! You fight, you pay, unless everyone except the "several" said it was self-defense, DOUBT IT! Make them or thier parents pay!
05/31/2011 9:46AM
Sins of the fathers....
Absolutely the parents of these kids should be fined or jailed. In my opinion, if your kids are not responsible adults, it doesn't matter if they are 4 or 40, they are your responsibility until they are.
05/31/2011 10:20AM
Give me a break!
I watched the video very closely and didn't see one actual punch. They were just pushing each other around to make it look like they were fighting. Is this going to happen every Memorial Day. Maybe these kids should go fight in the military.
05/31/2011 10:48AM
Charlotte Beach
Kimberly/Beck, I was in Buffalo to witness crowd control a year ago. There police department goes all out. They used physical force, meaning the sticks came out and were used. Maybe Rochester has some political issues or to many preachers, as stopping blocks. I feel very sorry for the RPD in this town. They need to change the rules before these people destroy this town. Kimberly...you may not like me for this, but I fell a lot safer standing next to a motorcycle club than next to our own police force. At least they won't take a step back and have more respect for young and old trying to have a good time. We still love you guys and hope you read this to our community!
05/31/2011 10:55AM
Why can't kids today behave???
It's sad that the kids today can't control their behavior and those of us who can suffer for their behavior! They didn't open Seabreeze Amusement Park Memorials weekend b/c of the fighting last year which I believe they have made a permanent part of the schedule then the carnival at Greece Ridge Mall is gone b/c of the fighting last year! Ridiculous, stiffer consequences & parents taking responsibility for their children just might help the situation!
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