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Albion Teen Dies in Drunk Driving Crash, Pic of Driver

Joe Pearl, 18, of Albion was driving the car while, allegedly, intoxicated. This picture we took from his facebook page.

Full story, CLICK THIS.

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08/29/2011 8:38AM
Albion Teen Dies in Drunk Driving Crash, Pic of Driver
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08/29/2011 1:14PM
This is such a ride picture to put up of Joe. Yes, he made a mistake and he has to live with it the rest of the his life. This picture shows him as someone who doesnt care. His family and friends would not want this picture up representing Joe. Please take it down or change it out of repect for the family. I am very disapointed in this station.
08/30/2011 5:48PM
Buzz Boycott for sensational journalism
This type of thing happens in too many small towns each year, and your morning DJ's sensationalizing such a tragic event shows what kind of jounalists and what kind of company you are. To read the article and hear the driver was taken to a hospital by Mercyflight, seems like kids being kids, not a situation to take advantage of.
08/31/2011 12:41AM
Joe is the kid with the biggest heart, who made a mistake that will change his life forever.
Look, I happen to know this kid and I attended high school with him. I graduated the year before him, but friends of mine are close to him now. Joe is a kid who made a mistake, but he will have to live with this his whole life. He honestly has the biggest heart I know, and he would have never wanted any of this to happen to him or his friends. Let's just say though that he is not to be blamed for this accident. The two gentlemen knowingly entered the vehicle that was going to be driven by their intoxicated friend, and they could have stopped him from driving or even never entered the car with him. They are just as responsible for the accident as he is. I would also appreciate it if you could never attack a teenager on your radio show who made a mistake like this that will live with him forever, and please don't stalk his facebook and post a picture of him (that should not even be used by anyone else but Joe) that makes him out to look like he is a bad kid and careless of life. He is an amazing human being, and I am sure the other two passengers are as well, but it is unfair for him to be looked at as he is being portrayed. Right now my friend Joe is lying in a hospital bed with a horrible amount of injuries and some that have not even been fully determined yet. People like you on this radio show make me sick by the fact that you have no compassion for what this boy may be going through right now, or even what his family must be dealing with or feeling. I understand it is the same way for the Moyer's and I truly do express my condolences to losing someone so young, but Joe understands what he did and the radio station puts this whole scene up to make him out to be the lowest life on this earth. If you had any heart at all you would express sympathy towards his family and blessings that he makes it through this toughest time of his life, and prayers out the Moyer family. RIP Terry Moyer & prayers go out to Joe and his family.
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