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Albion Sex Offender allowed to Chaperone.. WTF!

After all that, sex offenders are still allowed to go on field trips with your kids... huh.. that makes sense



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02/06/2013 9:23AM
Albion Sex Offender allowed to Chaperone.. WTF!
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02/09/2013 12:37PM
Really sex offenders allowed to be chaperones,Really, are you that liberal, Really, I guess your children arent on those trips,so you dont care , Really. WAKE UP , REALLY
02/09/2013 12:43PM
I will never live in albion ,not now, not never, You people are screwed up, you have no moral fiber , you allow sex offenders to host schol activites, you are sick, no morales, no brains, good by.
02/19/2013 7:00AM
albion sex offender
You have alot of nerve , not all of the residents are bad here in albion.where you from holley i rest my case haha
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